By Emma Forsyth


Exam Season saw Reid decked out in students cramming for their exams, debuting some typical (and atypical) exam outfits! From board shorts, to UWA jumpers, to club merch, to RM Williams – there was not much that couldn’t be found! So many of you were dressed so well that we’ve had to add some honorary mentions! We’ll see you back this semester for more best dressed content!


#5 Charles and Linda

What are they wearing?!

English Lit Professor vibes complete with a Conor Burgundy scarf and black buckle shoes – a well-dressed uni student exam aesthetic.

Why are they #5?!

They are, by the strictest legal definition, alive – and even if they fail their exams, they will have accomplished something this sem.

#4 Perry

What is he wearing?!

Lovely leather dress shoes, socks (this time around), his finest $5 fabric H&M shorts, a floral button up, and whatever the jacket’s called.

Why is he #4?!

He’s been through a lot these past few weeks!


#3 Nova and Noa

What are they wearing?!

The finished vs not finished exam aesthetic.

Why are they #3?!

For the sake that one of them is still having to get through exams


#2 Dickson

What is he wearing?!

Wool sweater, timbales shirt, cargo trousers, elephant socks, and RM Williams

Why is he #2?!

It really takes a man to still rock up to exams well dressed as if everything is fine when he’s really crumbling inside.

#1 The Science Freaks

What are they wearing?!

Their first SU rugby jumpers since 2017

Why are they #1?!

Because they’ve become an infamous icon over the Reid library study period!


Honourable Mentions

Name: Eleanor

Our previous #1 O-Day winner wore this cute and cosy outfit to help her cope with having to pull an all- nighter writing her thesis. (Our thoughts and prayers are with her!)

She is not only inspired to wear cute and colourful outfits to make her own day better, but to also bring a bit of sunshine to others trapped studying in Reid.

However, with such a style queen already in our midst it seemed only fair to give others a chance! (You could maybe argue she is always a winner in our eyes…..)


Names: Paris and Alex

Decked out in the ultimate study outfit, dressing gowns. These two are giving us the pyjama/oodie/dressing gown aesthetic we are all dying for! Upset? Put on your dressing gown. Stressed? Get in that Oodie! As I sit here writing this in my Oodie – can totally relate!

Yet these two study masters have yet to brave the confines on Reid Library in this daring exam attire- thus they can only be an honourable mention!

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