By Emma Forsyth


With Guild Elections upon us, we understand why you might be keen to avoid campus altogether. However, if you do decide to brave it and strut your stuff – here is a colour guide to help you along the way. Do not take it too seriously and if anyone has any complaints please email [email protected]. (FYI I won’t respond!)




The colour green is usually associated with the soothing fresh hues of nature. Chlorophyll is the photosynthetic pigment found in plants that has been around since the beginning of time. Green is a colour that has endured many natural challenges over its evolution…akin to its represented Guild Party we might say.

Warning: do not wear unless you have an unquenchable urge to sing ‘Starships ‘by Nicki Minaj and call yourself a superstar!



As Vincent van Gogh once said, “how lovely yellow is!” A colour for the sun gods, a social phenomenon that sparkles in all its radiance. A certain spark of yellow is also seen in other natural elements such as Lightning.

Warning: do not wear unless struck by lightning when you will indeed feel the thunder.



In Ancient times, blue was one of the most expensive dyes to produce and purchase – only royalty could afford them. The colour then went on to be strongly associated with the Roman Catholic Virgin Mary before becoming the modern international symbol for boys/masculinity. Such a powerfully multipurpose colour is represented by our global Guild party.

Warning: do not wear unless you’re feeling overwhelmingly oceanic. (Denim is the exception!)


Lavender/Indigo/Violet/Any Shade of Purple

Purple, it would seem, is THE colour of Royalty since the dawn of time, traditionally a colour that only those of Royal blood or a high-end member of the church got away with wearing. This is because the Tyrian purple dye, made from crushed shells, was extremely expensive in antiquity. Purple is the colour most often associated with rarity, royalty, magic, mystery, and piety. This new Guild party is clearly manifesting something here…

Warning: do not wear unless you wish to be considered a meme!



When one thinks of pink they might think of flowers (the word’s etymology is associated with aflower). Pink also happens to be associated with charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, and sweetness – adjectives not always associated with Left Action.

Warning: do not wear unless you feel like being co-opted into handing out flyers in front of Reid well beyond election season!





The red pigment made from the beautiful ochre is one of the first colours used in pre-historic art. Worn by the godly Egyptians and Romans it’s easy to see why the Russians made it the symbol of communism. Red is safe this year, as Launch, perennial party of recent years, is nowhere to be seen in 2021! As you dab away the tears don’t forget to put on your best Marilyn Monroe Lipstick and strut out in style baby!



The vibrant colour orange has proven to illicit an immediate reaction. Considered a sacred hue and a symbol of royalty, it makes sense that no Guild party has dared to wear this colour. This colour also signals danger, surely a divisive tool in making sure that Fuild candidates leave you alone so wear this colour to brighten up the following gloomy days. Thoughts on starting an orange society or orange party?



Named after a gem, the cyan-green colour turquoise was first found in ancient Egypt. The gem Turquoise was first brought to Europe through Turkey from mines in the historical Khorasan province of Iran (Persia) and Afghanistan. Esteemed as a holy stone in old and new worlds, of course no Guild party would touch this sacred relic. A powerful symbol that can be used to ward off the hacks – get ready for the promise of warmer weather in these brightly coloured hues.!



Black is the achromatic colour of mourning, solemnity, and authority. Fun fact: black ink is the most common colour used for printing books, newspapers, and documents, as it provides the highest contrast with white paper and thus is the easiest colour to read.  Wear this colour to mourn this time as you stomp past the booths to the confines of your tutes/libraries or really anywhere inside and reflect solemnly. Perfect time to up your monochrome/ neutrals game.



White is the colour of light, bleach, paper, weddings – essentially, loaded with meaning. Typically made from chalk or poisonous lead. A symbol of purity, cleanliness but most importantly, surrendering and peace! Be sure to work those neutral colours, strut like you’re going to a wedding and keep the peace of not being involved in the elections.




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