By Emma Forsyth


At the end of May, Pelican delved to the other side of the pond: College Row, to investigate the fashion and style of its residents at theeeee (drumroll please) 2021 RSD TOGA PARTY! There were old bed sheets, brand couture, and most importantly, blood, sweat, and tears poured into making FANTASTIC costumes! Stay tuned for the next edition and for all college students who missed out…. we may be back in the future!


#5 Tommy Moore Freshers

What are they wearing?!

Bit Cheats Togas

Why are they #5?!

They made the effort- being a uni student is all about getting things done in the last minute and that’s exactly what they did!


#4 Maddie and Eva

What are they wearing?!

Kmart couture + recycled sustainable fashion

Why are they #4?!

Their outfits are painted with love by Tommy Moore freshers to look amazingly good!


#3 Flossie

What is she wearing?!

Her brother’s bed sheet

Why is she #3?!

She’s made the bed sheet unique and braved the winter cold in a sheet!


#2 Abi and Indi

What are they wearing?!

A Target Sheet that they cut up with a pair of pigeon scissors completed with a stapled side slit.

Why are they #2?!

Because their blood, sweat and tears went into this and it took wayyy longer then it should have!


#1 Lucy

What is she wearing?!

A college bedsheet fashionably cut up and Cotton On shorts.

Why is she #1?!

Because she made this outfit- cutting it herself and tying it herself!


Guest Appearance!

What’s her name?!

Vaishnavi RN -THE Residential Students Department President!!

What is she wearing?!

NOT A TOGA!!! The RSD Prez did not come dressed in a toga for her own toga party!!!

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