Words by Emma Forsyth 

It’s official! For better or for worse the 90s are back in style! From tie-up cardigans, sheer dresses, knee socks, chokers, thick headbands, slides, the infamous sleek bun clips, bike shorts, bucket hats, cargo pants, cat eye sunglasses, and matching plaid sets to slip dresses are just a few of the 90’s fashion items making a comeback!   

Of course, Shein, Cotton On and all of those corporate franchise brands are onto this! With some upping up the prices of their famously cheap clothes knowing the unsuspecting buyer will happily purchase those to look as à la mode as possible! You can also bet that this does not mean those poor sweatshop workers will be getting paid more, NOR that these clothes are suddenly being more ethically produced (or whatever other greenwashing gimmick they have inserted to make you feel less guilty about buying them).  

SO, if you wanna look like you’re fresh out of Clueless, it’s time to time capsule to the 90s. And what better way to do this THAN to get items of clothing from the actual 90s by shopping vintage!  

The Perth Vintage/Op Shop market has PLENTY of 90’s vintage pieces of clothing to pick from. Of course, they won’t all be under $10 but will definitely be more authentic and better quality than sweatshop polyester. My favourite one is “Oh Henry Vintage”, located in Inglewood next to Woolworths. With a dedicated Instagram page enabling you the immersive online shopping experience of seeing what’s available before you even enter the store!  

Last weekend, I went to their garage sale that had up to 90% off! On the last day, you could even fill a shopping bag and take the whole bundle home for just $20! I got some wonderful summer outfits and the perfect vintage dress for my new job. With the Mount Lawley and Maylands op-shops right next door, you’ll be sure to find some elite pieces, and this Inglewood stop is worth the short detour!  

With an insane collection of Y2K/90’s outfits, you’ll be sure to find some authentic pieces that are currently fashion trends AND look like that suave vintage purchaser! So do yourself a favour and check Oh Henry Vintage a follow-on Instagram and remember, vintage is and always will be the ultimate fashion trend.  

By Pelican Magazine

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