We came, we saw, and we conquered student style at the Ref!! Common Lunch Hour was full of the quintessential, the exciting, the unique and of course the numerous unpaid influencers and brand ambassadors! The contenders for best dressed were OVERFLOWING to the point that we have had to increase it from Top 5 to Top 10!! Stay tuned for the next Best Dressed edition!!


#10 Yumi & Shin

What are they wearing?!

A cute dress and sweater from Universal Store!

Why are they #10?!

They are unpaid influencers for Universal Store!


#9 Josie & Kaitlin

What are they wearing?!

A jumper, Iamgia trousers with Converse & Facebook marketplace cardigan, Cotton On jeans & Adidas shoes!

Why are they #9?!

Their outfits combine chic with maximum style but minimum effort!


#8 Caitlin, Erika, Mya & Yixin

What are they wearing?!

Zara, Uniqlo Kmart, Champion & un-pictured Doc Martens!

Why are they #8?!

Cause they’re the cool effortless kids!


#7 Mila

What is she wearing?!

Ghanda skirt and K-mart shirt with Doc Martens!

Why is she #7?!

She’s rocking the transition from summer to autumn!


#6 KieKie

What is she wearing?!

Thrifted boots & denim jacket with pride themed patches she collected, ripped jeans & an anti-social social club hoodie!

Why is she #6?!

Because she believes in economically friendly fashion & showing off the ideologies that you believe in, she supports Pride among other things!


#5 Sharif

What is he wearing?!

Vintage Nike jacket, Japanese print hoodie, Fila track pants and Jordan 5 white cement sneakers!

Why is he #5?!

Because he needs money!


#4 Atille & Lizandra

What are they wearing?!

A blazer, jumper, shirt & trousers and a thrifted skirt suit!

Why are they #4?!

They have never gotten a UWA Love Letter and this is the next best thing!


#3 Hannah

What is she wearing?!

A Zara Turtleneck with COS wide leg pants & a Uniqlo plaid mustard jacket!

Why is she #3?!

She’s in her 7th year of dressing well to Uni!


#2 Emily

What is she wearing?!

Beautiful graphic sequin t-shirt for her Mum’s birthday with comfy but stylish shorts!

Why is she #2?!

Because her t-shirt is cool and she’s in BPhil!


#1 Iknur

What is she wearing?!

Nasa Pyjama shirt, tights, astronaut socks, Doc martens with paint, a floral skirt & she do be dripping in jewellery!

Why is she #1?!

She spent so long on her outfit that her hair only has two curls!


Words by Emma Forsyth

By Pelican Magazine

Pelican is one of the oldest student publications in Australia and the only independent paper at UWA. If you enjoy writing, then Pelican is the place for you! We print six themed issues a year, and run a stream of online content.

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