2021 Club Carnival was ABLAZE with the unique, branded, and of course, signature uni student looks!! We loved admiring all of your stylish Club Carnival looks with perfected branding, unique colour palettes, and eccentric flares and tastes!! There were many contenders for best dressed – SO MANY in fact that we have had to increase it from Top 5 to Top 10!! Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t make it in as we will have best dressed throughout the rest of the year!

#10 Nim

What is she wearing?!

Blue, cotton, wide leg pants, and cropped oversized shirt from Cheep and Converse!

Why is she #10?!

She embodies everything a Uni student wants, which is comfort and style!



What are they wearing?!

A UCBA fashionable black t-shirt with writing on the back!

Why are they #9?!

Because of their brilliant and newly designed t-shirts!



What are they wearing?!

Their nice, new, comfortable, breathable PSYSOC meme shirts!

Why are they #8?!

They are very committed to their club and helping out with the well-being of others!


#7 Mango

What is she wearing?!

An ECOMS merch t-shirt with an iconic ECOMS bucket hat and brown knit shorts!

Why is she #7?!

She’s been out here supporting the ECOMS brand in 39 degrees heat without a marquee! Knit shorts also be looking cute!


#6 Leisure

What are they wearing?!

Llama fur made from llamas!

Why are they #6?!

Because they have a cohesive uniform!


#5 Dickson

What is he wearing?!

His Annakin sky walker outfit with Fringe merch!

Why is he #5?!

“Because its for charity and if I don’t make it in top five, you don’t like charity!”



What are they wearing?!

Clothes to convey Wild West Vibes!

Why are they #4?!

Because they are committed to their theme and work as a club! They are also expressing their personalities through their clothes!


#3 HSS

What are they wearing?!

Jade blue and white t-shirts!

Why are they #3?!

Firstly, today they finally got their committee t-shirts!

Secondly, they’re hot and spicy!

Finally, the sun and the moon are out, which increases tidal wave on the moon side, increasing their spiritual and oral energies that attract people to them – they don’t rush people, people come to them!


#2 Faiza

What is she wearing?!

Verge girl polka dot dress!

Why is she #2?!

The girl looks cute af even though it’s hot – and she be looking on fleek with her hair curling beautifully, giving off retro vibes!


#1 Vince

What is he wearing?!

A Kaito kid costume!

Why is he #1?!

Wants to promote anime and Japanese culture!


P.S. Editor’s Addition…

Who is she?!

Emma! A.k.a. our fashion editor: the face behind our best-dressed project!

What is she wearing?!

Her graduation outfit!

Why do you deserve to be in our top 10?!

“I don’t and my friends made me do this!”


Words by Emma Forsyth

By Pelican Magazine

Pelican is one of the oldest student publications in Australia and the only independent paper at UWA. If you enjoy writing, then Pelican is the place for you! We print six themed issues a year, and run a stream of online content.

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