2021 O-Day was BURSTING with the stylish, the eccentric, and, of course, the colourful! We loved seeing all of your amazing signature O-Day looks, on-fleek club merchandise, and the effortless UWA merch! There were many contenders for best dressed: SO MANY in fact that we had to increase it from Top Five to Top Ten! Don’t be disappointed if you didn’t make it in as we will have best dressed at Club Carnival and, of course, throughout the rest of the year.

#10 Tre

What is he wearing?!

Tre is rocking the UWA Merch with White Chinos! Classic UWA style!!

Why is he #10?!

Because he possesses the enviable quality otherwise known as drip!


#9 Saadman, Yen, Rachel and Aidan

What are they wearing?

They are rocking Tommy Moore and Unihall College Merch!

Why are they #9?!

The humble town of Geraldton must be represented!


#8 Atille

What is he wearing?

His casual yet formal O-Day look consisting of a Blazer, pink t-shirt, black jeans and brown sneakers.

Why is he #8?

Because he has the fashion potential and he loves to dress to impress!



What are they wearing?

FABulously new branded FABSOC T-shirts!

Why are they #7?!

As the fashion and beauty society of UWA, they ARE the best dressed on campus.


#6 Film Editor Amy ft. Tech & Gaming Editor Ahmed

What is she wearing?

A casual O-Day look otherwise known as the Queen’s Gambit Aesthetic!

Why is she #6?!

When asked why she deserved to win Amy simply replied, “do I?”


#5 Science Union

What are they wearing?

Prime Science Union Merch including bucket hats and socks.

Why are they #5?!

Thanks to their wonderful graphic officer’s super sexy t-shirts designs!


#4 Riley and Millie

What are they wearing?

A casual Pelican O-Day look with the theme of birds, blue and bling!!

Why are they #4?

“You’ll lose your job if we’re not!!”


#3 UWA Student Guild Enviro Department

What are they wearing?

Sustainably sourced shirts and clothes!

Why are they #3?!

All their clothing is environmentally-friendly and sustainable with handmade shirts! Slow fashion is leading the way for fashion in 2021!


#2 Riuna, Sara, Francis and Rachel

What are they wearing?

Fabulous homemade hats crochet and crochet top along with clothes from Uniqlo, Kmart and Dangerfield!

Why are they #2?!

They are supporting themselves and other struggling local artists also bringing back handmade stuff!


#1 Eleanor!

What is she wearing?

Lucy and yak rainbow overalls with a sustainably made societies 2021committee t-shirt!

Why is she our #1?!

She do be in charge! Also, her clothes are practical and have pockets for everything due to her role; this queen is bright, visible and practical!


Words and images from Emma Forsyth

By Pelican Magazine

Pelican is one of the oldest student publications in Australia and the only independent paper at UWA. If you enjoy writing, then Pelican is the place for you! We print six themed issues a year, and run a stream of online content.

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