Hey. We’ve seen you pick up Pelican from the stands around uni. We’ve seen you scroll the Facebook page. We’ve seen you smile to yourself with a mint idea. We get it. We like you too.

Applications for 2018 Sub-Editors are now open.

Music Editor

Politics Editor

Campus News Editor

Comedy Editor

Diversity Editor

Education Editor

Fashion Editor

Film Editor

Finance Editor

Lifestyle Editor

Literature Editor

Science and Technology Editor

Visual Arts Editor

Weather Editor

Please fill out this form and then send us an email at [email protected] with your resume and a sample of your writing by Thursday, 21 December. We know this is a lengthy application process, but we are looking for something serious, not a summer fling. We are looking for commitment: sub-editors we could take home to meet our parents. We’re in this for the long-haul. Make sure you have read the Position Description for the Sub-Editor position you’re interested in, then email us with any questions.

If you don’t adore track changes and co-ordinating content, but you are full of millions or even just one burning idea for an article, a podcast, a youtube series, an agony aunt column, a series of memes or an aesthetic for our gram, we made another form especially for you. Please fill out this form and also send us an email with your resume and any of the content you may have created for the idea. This could be audio for a podcast, the start of a comic…but this isn’t essential, just a chance for you to show us where you’re at, if you want. Just make sure you fill out the form, and send us your resume, to us by Monday 18 December.

We will then conduct interviews over the phone or over Skype Friday, 22 December for Section Editors. You beautiful people who pitch us an idea, we will be in touch then to talk about how we take it to the next level. Friday, 22nd, is the special day when we announce the team. Strap in.

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