It’s Time to Talk About Canada

"Justin Trudeau doesn’t deserve blind praise, or a social media following, or photo-shopped flower crowns. As an elected representative of the people, what he deserves is to be scrutinized and held to account." Ella Fox-Martens writes.

Head to Head: Donald Trump

Editor's note: This article was written in January 2017, for publication in our first print edition, (before Trump's inauguration). Since then a lot has happene...

US Launches Missile Strike on Syrian Air Base

Early Friday morning reports came in of US missile strikes targeting a Syrian Air Base. US officials report that the base is believed to have been the site from which the chemical weapons were launched earlier this week. Mike Anderson reports.

The Thoughts of a Muslim Australian About Pauline Hanson

"The True Blue Crew and Reclaim Australia group constantly point fingers at average peace-loving Australian Muslims, claiming that we are ISIS supporters and that we have the same mentality as jihadists. I wonder whether they know how hard it is for some to deal with being placed in the same category as the people who kill their families overseas on a daily basis." Yosra Al Awadi, Events Coordinator and writer for UWA's Muslim Students' Association, writes a response to Pauline Hanson and her supporters following Saturday's United Against Bigotry and Racism rally in Perth's CBD.

The Clown That Could Be President

"So how exactly did “an orange Elvis squirted from a can of Cheez Whiz” manage to slip through the cracks of social common sense (which retrospect indicates is actually gaping ravines) and become a very real contender in the race to replace Obama as the next president of the United States of America?" Leona Mpagi wonders.