There is a long (long, long) list of candidates competing for your vote during election season next week. As part of Pelican’s meet the candidates series, we will be bringing you some of the responses that Office Bearer (OB) candidates gave to questions we asked them. STAR only have one OB actively campaigning this polling week, Doug Jackson for Sports Representative, so Doug’s answers are below!

Note: in the interests of fairness, because Doug is highlighted alone in this article, click here to read about Spark’s Sports Rep candidate, and here to read about Left Action’s Sports Rep candidate. Their answers can be found towards the end of each of those articles.





Running for: Sports Representative

Studies: Political Science, International Relations and Marketing


What motivated you to run for your position this year?
I’m really passionate about sport and ensuring that everyone can live a healthy life. I believe that by running for Sports Representative on the Guild, I will be able to have a say in ensuring that we promote these values across UWA!


What do you think are the biggest issues on campus now and into the future?

For me the biggest issues on campus at the moment are the proposed education cuts. As an arts and social sciences student, I have seen firsthand the potential impacts these cuts will have not only on my lecturers and tutors but also amongst my fellow arts students.


What is your favourite book?

(Editor’s Note: While some may interpret this slash as Doug opting not to answer the question, Pelican is sure it was meant as a glowing endorsement of Pelican’s forthcoming and final edition for 2021 of the same name!)


What is the policy you are most passionate about?

I am most passionate about my policy to create a UWA Olympics! I believe that having a large celebration of all things sport will ensure that we can increase the accessibility of sports to all people. Additionally, using the UWA Olympics to showcase not just the popular well known sports but also those sports that are popular in other countries, as well as Paralympic sports!


What are your thoughts on the moon landing?

A waste of money, you can’t do sport in space 🙁


Why are you the best person for the job?

I’m in my third year and have been involved with both the Guild and Arts Union extensively. In particular serving as a Social Representative in Arts Union this year I have proven that I am able to organise and promotes events, which I hope to do next year with the UWA Olympics, Sports Club Carnivals and a Healthy Living Week! Additionally, I have extensive experience outside of UWA, including in Youth Parliament, Local Government and Sporting Clubs. Additionally, as a member of the fantastic and talented STAR team I believe that I am the best person for the role of Sports Representative in 2022. 


What is the best part of a big brekky, and why is it hash browns?

The Mimosa that goes along with it. 


What are your hobbies and passions outside of uni?

Not to be cringe but, Sport!!!!!!!! Swimming, Running, Skiing (remember I am Canadian) and Social Netball!

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