By Luke Barber


UWA student Evie Clarke, twenty, has this morning made the unfortunate mistake of getting excited upon seeing the notification for a spontaneous facebook message from Charlotte, an old uni acquaintance of hers.


Having become friends out of the mutual desire to not seem like huge loners in their ECON1101 tutorial in first year, the two promptly lost touch following the final exam, adding each other on facebook out of courtesy but both understanding the emptiness of their promises to “keep in touch!!”


Now in her third year, Evie has remained a relative loner during her time on campus.


“I don’t know how anyone manages to meet people at this university!” she told Pelican. “All I do is power walk from my car to the second floor of Barry J with my headphones in, hoping not to make awkward eye contact with any of my past tutorial acquaintances.”


This is why it was such a surprise to see the message from Charlotte this morning. 


“My heart began to race. Was this it? Finally someone to sit on Oak Lawn with? Finally a reason to set foot in the Tav???”


But her heart sank when she read what the message said.


“Hey Evie! Long time no see!! How are you???? I’m sure you saw I changed my profile picture and I was wondering if you would consider coming down to vote for me for Ordinary Guild Councillor this week! I’m super passionate about making real change on campus. I’d love to catch up and talk….”


The tears clouded her eyes and she couldn’t read on.


Recalling the story to Pelican, Evie was clearly emotional.


“Imagine my disappointment,” she said.


Despite this emotional rollercoaster, Evie reported that she was considering taking Charlotte up on her request, but remained undecided. 


“At this point, I’m pretty desperate. I just want to go to the Tav once before I graduate, is that too much to ask?”


Pelican will bring you more as this story unfolds. 


By Pelican Magazine

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