Funny and startlingly poignant, Black Diggers is a play which resonates with deliberateness on the centenary of the First World War. Featuring an all-male cast, the performance was powered by a myriad of theatrical styles, including musical numbers and extended monologues, which were executed well, minus some minor stumbling toward the play’s close. Its setting, concrete platforms, graffitied walls and a burning barrel further served to extend the symbolic notions within the play, as the names of fallen Black Diggers were painted on, and over the black walls, with white paint. With no intermission, it was amazing that the cast in its entirety maintained energy and momentum for the duration of the two-hour show. It was both refreshing and confronting to see our forgotten history presented with such dramatic prowess and self-deprecating (for the viewer) satire. Definitely one of the highlights of PIAF and probably the best play I’ve seen this year.