By Emma Forsyth

The Verdict:

Take a detour from Subi’s Rokeby Road along the bustling Railway Road to Perth’s latest Parisian Craze, La Maison des Eclairs. With its pistachio-toned walls adorned with bouquets (upon bouquets) of pink and purple roses, you’ll feel like you’ve been transported back to your 2018 walk along the Seine River en route to the Musée d’Orsay.

Whilst every Patisserie in Perth has the classic éclair flavours of chocolate, vanilla, and coffee, La Maison des Eclairs takes it a step further. Everything from salted caramel, lavender, exotic citrus fruits, and pistachio creates a mind-blowing sensation for the taste buds. In the style of the iconic Ladurée, there will also be an array of savoury éclairs. To give this even more of a Parisian feel, all éclairs are homemade in the café and don’t contain any gelatine.

Whilst they specialise in éclairs, there is an array of other pastries available, including some delectable mini chouquettes. With French and Moroccan influences, you can also expect an impressive range of teas, with the star of the show being the delightful Moroccan Tea.

Not just for morning tea, the ‘Eclairs Breakfast’ and ‘French breakfast’ deals might make this place your new Subi brunch spot…… Open Wednesday to Sunday 8:30 am- 6:30pm. Be sure to drop by for a European holiday that doesn’t even need a plane!

By Pelican Magazine

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