BEST DRESSED IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! Let us take you back to before 6000+ cases a day when the sun was shining and we could still narrowly avoid exposure sites…. February 25th, 2022, also known as UWA O-DAY. Here, the Pelican Fashion sub-section get the inside scoop on who is in fact campus’s best dressed today!


#5 Tyler


1st year Politics & International Relations and Indonesian studies!

What is she wearing?!

Flower shorts from Billabong and a basic white top (don’t know where it’s from, but it does the job!)


#4 Meg


We have a Curtin kid in our midst!! Commerce, majoring in HR Management.

What is she wearing?

A dress with pockets that gives an immaculate cottage core vibe! Complete with Genshin impact inspired earrings and doc martens.


#3 Christina


1st year Gender Studies and Electronic Music!

What is she wearing?

A halter neck black crossover shirt, Adidas sneakers, and patterned pants made by her mom!


#2 Callum & Claudya


Claudya- Physiology
Callum- Maths & Stats

What are they wearing?

Callum- yellow fit going on with his banana socks, yellow shirt, and single fin hat!
Claudya- PINK, PINK & PINK with a touch of PINK!


#1 Elle


1st year Psychology and Exercise & Health!

What is she wearing?

Her own design of a crochet Valentine’s Day theme top and a crochet bag that matches a different crochet skirt. Complete with a white tennis skirt.

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