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By Holly- Carter Turner

A chaotic tarot reading.

Tarot readings can be done in several different ways, but my favourite is to grab a deck and toss cards around until you settle on one that feels right. In saying that, take everything written below with a grain of salt as it was all done by me chaotically throwing cards around my bedroom as I vibe checked the deck to predict the coming month for each sign.

Aries (Suit, Rods fig II) *

The Two of Rods brings about a period of planning and action, but you might not be sure which to choose. You know what you want to be doing, but you also know you may need to explore the finer details before diving in. This card is about listening to your instincts, but also using them to help seek out a trustworthy advisor to bounce ideas off. The koi fish near the Law Library are excellent listeners.

Taurus (Suit, Blades fig II)*

Two blades, two options for a situation you may be facing. (E.g. Should I stay at Uni or drop out and start an OnlyFans?) You are aware you need to make a decision, but you feel you are lacking critical information about both. This is preventing you from picking either. As you wait for the information to come, you are tempted to pick one at random but that feels just as uncomfortable as the wait.

Gemini  (Suit, Blades fig King) *

This card is about breaking free of past restraints and starting to get your shit together (I am a Gemini, and this was a fat call out). It is time to reflect inwardly and outwardly and cut out any toxicity that may be clouding your goals. Other’s emotions may have been less tolerable lately and this card reminds you to keep being kind to others, even though it may feel like you can’t even be kind to yourself.

Cancer (Suit, Blades fig I, Ace) *

Just in time for the new semester, this card is all about accessing knowledge. Your ideas feel  strong and fresh and you’re ready to share them with the world. If you haven’t got this confidence, it is time to focus on yourself and approach things with a critical mind (without being too selfish). How can you creatively overcome your obstacles?

Leo (The Devil fig XV)*

The Devil card is tied to the seven deadly sins: envy, gluttony, greed, lust, pride, sloth, and wrath. It asks you to reflect on which of these you may be guilty of, or it can also help you find an abusive person in your life; warning you to keep your guard a bit higher than normal. (Beware of charming Studpol kids) To be free of “The Devil” and begin healing you will need to work hard to break any bad habits. (Starting your study at 10:03 not 10:00 is ok!) 

Virgo (Suit, Blades fig VIII) *

You may be feeling helpless and restricted in your thinking and it is hard to know where these limitations are coming. (My hint: potentially from the crushing pressure of society telling you to make something of yourself, but chucking you in an overwhelming world with barely any guidance :D). Doubt is going to be your own worst enemy. Take a step back, assess the situation and trust that you’ll figure something out eventually. 

Libra (Suit, Coins fig VIII) *

You are keen to learn as much as possible but don’t start too quickly. (S L O W    D O W N ). When you feel like things aren’t progressing as quickly as you’d want them to, it can be easy to want to skip ahead. Take the lecture off double speed and make sure you’re actually understanding what is being said before moving on.

Scorpio (Suit, Elixirs fig V) *

(I’m sorry Scorpios this card is pretty yikes). This card is tied to unbelievable sadness and grief. You’re feeling as though you will never be happy again (mood. The start of sem is rough, hey?). You’re wearing your depression tinted goggles but use this as a reminder to try to appreciate the positives in the world (even if it is just the campus ducks <3). 

Sagittarius (The Tower, fig XVI) *

(Aannndd, we have another sad boi card :/). This card has the audacity to come into your life, destroy everything you have worked hard for, and create an absolute mess (Sorry Queens). Your mind, body, and spirit are all being tested but stay strong. Like getting caught in a rip while avoiding classes at Cott, it is best to just wait it out, as resistance may do more damage.

Capricorn (Suit, Coins fig VII) *

The seeds you have planted are starting to grow (Your efforts to get a 99.99 ATAR have put you in the best classes of your fine arts degree, love it). Although you have earned them, don’t get too carried away with celebrations. The Seven of Coins encourages you to keep checking in with your circumstances to make sure you are continuing to grow to become the best version of yourself.

Aquarius (Suit, Elixirs VIII) *

This was a very hard draw, nothing I was picking felt right until this card. (The Lovers, the fool and the Queen of Elixirs were the other best suited pulls). The Eight of Elixirs brings about a feeling of melancholy. Something comfortable has come to an end (the holidays?). You may miss the past, but you know that it is time to move forward. This next step is more important than you realise. 

Pisces (Suit, Rods VIII) *

I initially threw this card away in disgust then didn’t feel good about the remaining deck. I picked it back up, flipped it and surprise surprise, it was the final VIII so I knew I had to use it (cosmic or coincidence?). The universe has your back! The Eight of Rods indicates answers and that whatever you take on will move forward with gusto! Opportunity will come knocking so be ready to answer the door. Ask out that crush, jump in feet first, and don’t miss out on adventure because you were busy drowning in a sea of “what ifs?”

For those that aren’t sure how tarot works, they’re like playing cards, each has a special name, suit or number that helps identify it. E.g., much like saying the eight of clubs you can say the eight of rods.

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