Image by Fringe Festival Perth

Reviewed by Emily Avern

Almost, Maine is a humorous yet emotional theatrical piece that explores the theme of love. The show combines several short plays revolving around the characters set in Almost, Maine.

The show is a surreal experience of the adventures of love in our ordinary yet downright bizarre world. The acting was strong and had the audience clapping after each scene. While the undertone to each part was profoundly passionate and moving, the versatile acting of the cast members encouraged humour throughout the show that left the audience genuinely laughing out loud.

The performance felt personal as each scene felt somewhat familiar. All of us have experienced the ups and downs of love and relationships at some point in our lives and could relate to what was unfolding in front of us. I found myself rooting for certain characters as I became engrossed in the performance. I was left indeed in awe of the extreme talents of this team.

The storytelling method was unique and outside the box, playing upon your different senses. Once again working to make the environment genuinely engaging. Additionally, the staging was intimate with the crowd and made you get very involved in the action unfolding right before your eyes.

I highly recommend buying a ticket to this spectacular show. Take your friends, grab a drink at the bar downstairs and enjoy what will be a night of great laughter.

4.5 out of 5 stars.

The show continues until the 30th of January at The Girls School, 2 Wellington Street, East Perth
Ticket Price: $25.00
Duration: 75 min

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