By Megan Rundle


11:18 p.m. 

Dylan – obvs I want to keep my options open but Woodside just has such a g grad program and the people there are hell nice 

Liz – yea I heard that ahah

Dylan – and like my dad reckons if I start in this spot in like three years I could get bumped up to a higher position xx

Liz – wow 

Dylan – yeah but idk still wanna go on my gap year x 

Liz – oh cool 

Dylan – gaz reckons his sister’s friend who works for the gov reckons borders will open next year that would be legit so g xx ahah 


11:32 p.m. 

Dylan – they told me next sat I could get a proper gig djing which would be so beast xx 

Liz – wow 

11:41 p.m. 

Liz – I think I might go to freo this weekend idk where tho yet 

Dylan – I LOVE freo  <3 

Dylan – the vibes there are so g 

Dylan – my mate owns the gog so I always get to skip the line hahah


11:42 p.m.


Gab – nahhhhhh still? 


Gab – does he get to skip the line? 

Liz – GAB wtf 

Gab – soz 

Gab – what’s he saying 

Liz – hold on I’ll screenshot 


11:44 p.m.

Liz sent a photo 

Dylan – huh 

Liz – he’s so fucked right? 


11:47 p.m. 

Liz – it’s not going thru 

Gab – send it again 

Liz – wait 

Liz – no 

Liz – no 

Gab – what 

Liz – no no non ononfdiohfiFIUHWEFI


11:48 p.m.

Liz – I am soooo sorry my friend stole my phone ahahah 

Dylan – that’s so random hahaha 

Liz – ye hahaah 

Dylan – hey what’s ur snap x 



12:42 p.m.

Dylan – wyd x 

Dylan – mum and dad went down south to our beach house in margz so got a free house 

*Dylan called* 

Dylan – omg ahah accident soz 

Dylan – but like what if we did call… 


Dylan – ? 


1:10 a.m. 

Dylan – boys 

Dylan – anyone wanna get (plant emoji) and watch 500 days of summer

Tom – ye 

Jez – ye 

Lachie – ye 

Joe – ye


Megan Rundle can’t say the word nipple out loud.


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