Image Description: The outside of the Hampden Road Dome


By Cameron Carr


I made a joke about writing a poem in honour of Dome, I come to you with that poem.



Day by day the sad parade

Approach the door, then leave dismayed


The store once great and always packed

Is closed for now, most staff were sacked


Opening soon they say on the front door

But as the weeks become months, I’m not so sure


Oh Dome on Hampden, across the road

A place so many of us have good memories stowed


With fluffy koalas and colouring books

You’ve left a hole in the heart of anyone who looks


But perhaps one day you’ll reopen anew

With joyous faces and a hefty queue


And I’ll sip upon a juice some day or night

With free WIFI, charging station and essay to write


Thinking back on the time when you were closed

My heart beating fast, head bent, eyes closed


And prayed as I do now for your quick return

With hope almost gone and money to burn


For now I sit and wait at Gloria Jeans

Imagining the sweet scent of Dome brand coffee beans.



Good news for all that are worried about this Dome, it is reopening this weekend! I guess dreams do come true.


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