The arena was set: four comedians versus four rappers. The energy was high; the crowd was in the mood for a good show. The room was buzzing before the battle had even started; seat-neighbours introduced themselves, and shared a laugh while the curtains were drawn.


The performers for Comedians Vs Rappers change each night. In attendance for this show, the comics were: Daniel Delby, Hayden Douglas, M.C. Hammersmith and Michael Connell. The rappers were Etcetera, Jermaine White, Powza and Sean Shock.


The fight was hosted by Christopher Shin and his electric keyboard. His instructions were clear; their job was hurting each other’s feelings. If you get offended, there’s the door.


I thought I might be at the wrong show when Michael Connell came out juggling in a three-piece suit. There was also a time-traveling Daniel Radcliffe (is there nowhere he doesn’t pop up?). On this occasion, he was dressed like a Dungeons & Dragons clerk, and travelling under the name of MC Hammersmith.


The battle consisted of three fast improvised rounds before the final battle. The first round was a warm-up, where each comedian or rapper threw out a few (mostly) funny lines. This was probably the slowest round as the guys found their groove.


The second battle brought a guy and a girl from the audience up on stage for each battler to test their pick-up lines. After that, they got into a mini rap-battle as a rapper and a comedian went head-to-head with a quick-word prompt, and an audience member got to choose the winner by smashing a pie (or plate of shaving cream, anyway) in the face of the loser. The finale was a typical rap-battle, with a one-on-one quick improv, each battler trying to ‘out-diss’ the other.


The comedians were the easy winners on the night; their timing and material were strongest from the start. In saying this, there were a few good come-backs from the rappers. A few times, the rappers veered toward homophobia, but the comedians quickly put them in their place, and used it for some of the best lines of the night.


All-in-all, a fantastic evening, for a show that is quickly gaining a cult following.


Comedians Vs Rappers runs for three remaining nights, the 1st, 7th and 8th of February at the Comedy Lounge, Perth City. Tickets are $25 and you can get them here.


5 laughs out of 5


Elaine Hanlon // @elainehanlonart


Elaine thinks rappers vs comedians is a match made in heaven. Death by wordplay, who wouldn’t pay to see that.


Image courtesy of FRINGE WORLD Festival


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