People’s obsession of streetwear has always fascinated me. Branding and identity in fashion has always confused me. I appreciate it, but I don’t understand it. I came across this group of young guys on my way to work one morning. It was just before 7am and they were lining up at a streetwear store in Leederville right next door to where I was headed. It was during the height of summer so even by this time it was reaching north of 30 degrees. One guy told me they had been there since 5.30 am. When I asked why, he said that Supreme was dropping some new clothing that day. It kind of amazed me how the streetwear culture, which had in my experience existed predominately on social media, had translated so heavily onto guys so young. They were no older than 15. It was also kind of cool to see a group of young boys so invested and passionate about fashion. I asked how they could afford it and without skipping a beat, one of the kids replied, “My Mum”. I guess somethings stay the same.


Sophie Minissale | @sophiefromtheabstract

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