Sick of Cap S Wednesdays, Hippie Tuesdays, and Mont Thursdays? We have you covered.

Welcome to the student gig guide, a calendar of local music gigs which are completely and totally in a student’s budget. Sorry everyone, but saying you are broke is no longer an excuse you can use to avoid a night out.

The plan is to drop one of these bad boys each fortnightish, so the next time one of your mates says ‘arrg there is never anything on in Perth’ smack them over the head with a copy of this gig guide (it is a digital copy so I guess it would involve some laptop or phone action).

Now this guide doesn’t include all the events going on in Perth, that could be a little overwhelming, it is just a snapshot of the epic music scene we have here in our beautiful city. If this guide inspires you, head to Cool Perth Nights for a more extensive list.

Test yourself, check out a band you have never heard of before. Soon you will be awkwardly recognising band members on the train and have an internal argument with yourself whether it would be weird to say hi or not the entire trip. Gosh, isn’t the Perth Music scene is great?

A month which has one of the only public holidays UWA is forced to honour, Easter!

21st March [WED]

WOMPP (Women of Music Production Perth) ft. Feels, G*Rey & Elsewhere/Rebecca/ The Bird/ $5

Craving a bit of synth? Go check out these ladies produce some head bobbing electro music. Be prepared for their killer percussion skills.

Love letters Presents: The Immersed Female ft a range of sets from outstanding female artists/ Mojos/$10

Wednesday is the night to celebrating all those talent female musicians out there. Drop into Mojos to hear the like of Racco Charles and the Moke Folk, and Bella Nicholls (Demon Days). Their Powerful voices will make missing Cap S worth it.

22nd March [THURS]

J.F.K, The Spring Peaks & Grenan Dawley/ The Dock Freo/ FREE

J.F.K’s pop-rock sound will get you up and dancing, The Spring Peaks aussie pop music will force you to buy a beer and Grenan Dawley will settle the mood into something more chilled. I would pay good money for that roller-coaster of a night, but you don’t have to because it is free!

23rd March [FRI]

Ruby May/ Mojo’s/$10

Jazzy soul music. Their guy on the bongos is a maniac, I never knew someone could be that into percussion.

The Chats/ Jack Rabbit Slim’s/ $21.90

A similar vibe to Tinny Little Houses or Dune Rats. Their Aussie grudge sound is summed up by the fact that they have a song called smoko.

24th March [SAT]

Young Robin + Iceage Sugar/ Sewing Room/ $13.76

Both fantastic indie pop bands, you will not be able to stop yourself from dancing (or swaying at the very least). There will be some synchronised dance moves by the band members.

Good Doogs/ Jack Rabbit Slims / $13.50

A grunge, indie-punk group made up of three lads from Mandurah. If you are into the likes of Hockey Dad or Skegss, I would recommend you check these guys out.

29th March [THURS]

Gazey/ The Bird/ $5

If the words electronic 80’s synth appeal to you then I would get that five bucks out of your wallet and head down to The Bird.

31st March [SAT]

Gum/ The Bird/$15.30

Heard of Tame Impala? Or Pond? Well GUM is Jay Watson’s (member of both Tame and Pond) solo project. Enough said.

The month where you hear ‘gosh how is it April already’ way too much.

5th April [THURS]

Bobby Alu/ Rosemount/ $24

Bobby Alu produces smooth summer tunes, the kind of music you want playing on a road trip with your windows down. His tag words on Triple J Unearthed are ‘ukulele, hammock, coconut and relax’ which I think pretty much sums up his sound.

7th April [SAT]

Candy Guts / Jack Rabbit Slims/ $13.50

They are a punk grunge outfit out of Perth (I feel like you could have guessed that from their name). They are being supported by the likes of Carl Geneve, someone who always delivers with great guitar riffs and vocals.

Now, I hope you put that spare change of yours to good use and check out some of these awesome Aussie acts. Until next time, Happy gig’n.

Julia Reynolds | @juliaellen

Julia can’t decide what she loves more, white wine or live music. She is grateful she can consume both at the same time.




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