Perth native and comedian Joel Creasey started his show in style. The self-titled “Crown Prince” gallivanted onstage to a self-promotional video scored by pop songs from the 2000s. It was onwards and upwards from there, as Creasey began with the usual jokes about ‘dullsville’ and Armadale: apparently the most exciting thing happening in Perth right now is that “Garden City is getting a reno!” Although a clichéd beginning, it was nevertheless hilarious and really resonated with the audience.

Creasey continued to share a variety of comedic stories, some of which were cringe-worthy beyond words. In particular, an awkward naked encounter with a binocular equipped, bird-watching Bindi Irwin during a stint on the reality TV show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, and a self-confessed stalking/gay hook up gone wrong with the lead actor of a Broadway show. Creasey’s anecdotal style is captivating, and he has a talent in his ability to recount the ordinary moments of his life in such an engaging and hilarious manner, making even the most absurd situations feel relatable.

From Tina Arena to Cadel Evans, Kylie Minogue to Julie Bishop, and Blake Garvey to, god-forbid, Dami Im, there were few B-list Australian celebrities who didn’t cop a mention. Recalling bizarre and shocking tales from awards ceremonies, polo events and after parties, Creasey truly tried to let the audience inside the exclusive web of Australian media personalities and spill all his dirty gossip.

Despite promising that his show did not require any volunteers onstage, Creasey surprised us all by bringing his dad, Terry, up on stage on his 61st birthday, and had the audience sing him Happy Birthday. It was a genuinely sweet moment, seeing him and his proud father standing together on stage. This personal touch brought a tear to the collective eye of the audience and I expect that Creasey’s parents received more attention than they bargained for that evening.

Creasey’s energy was infectious; every word he said was funny and his dialogue was enthralling. The majority of his humour is cynical and comprised of commentating everyday situations, but his manner is farcical. The Crown Prince was the first live comedy act which I have witnessed and it definitely won’t be the last. If you’re up for a good laugh, then definitely go and watch Creasey; he’ll have you in tears.

Words by Madeline Sarich

Joel Creasey was in Perth for two nights as part of the ongoing Perth Comedy Festival.


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