Returning to Fringe World Festival to debut her new show, To the Moon and Back, Gillian Cosgriff is working through her angst and pessimism about space exploration and marriage. Appearing initially in a space suit (that seamlessly and inventively transforms into another costume later in the set), Cosgriff used a looping pedal, a keyboard, and stand-up routine to enthral the audience and put her relationship with her long-term partner on display.

A WAAPA graduate of musical theatre, Cosgriff has a lovely, powerful voice and a talent for composition that took the set beyond a simple stand-up comedy routine, and made it one of the more refreshing and unique shows at Fringe this year. The comparison to the seminal musical comedian and UWA alumni Tim Minchin is tired, but inevitable as it holds true – Cosgriff is an excellent and comfortable performer.

A favourable crowd came out to support the local-born songstress, delivering easy laughs to her lines, and carrying some of her weaker material in her fun and undemanding set. Her specifically Australian gags, including references to $10 Tuesday and the drive to Bunbury, were well-received. A tune about Tim the trainee yoga instructor guiding her through a post-session meditation garnered the most laughs. Fun and undemanding, Cosgriff’s exploration of fearing the future unknown delivered easy laughs. Though not a Savage Garden tribute – more’s the pity – she ended by covering ‘To the Moon and Back‘ and had me reaching for their greatest hits when I got home.

Words by Samuel J. Cox

‘Gillian Cosgriff – To The Moon and Back’ runs at The Bok Choy Ballroom, Noodle Palace as part of Fringe World Festival until February 20. Tickets available here.