One of my favourite things about my housemate is that if he’s had a big day at work, when I ask him how his day was he’ll sigh and say ‘I’m bushed.’ This turn of phrase has always amused me, perhaps because prior to this very moment, I never truly knew what it was to be ‘bushed’. But things change, and I know now, ladies and gentlemen, that I am truly bushed.

I had a train of thought here, but I just lost it because Blackstone uploaded photos from the Law Ball and I had to do some brand management. It’ll come back to me.

Guild elections have exhausted me, and it seems like I’m not the only one struggling. Reports keep rolling in about STAR’s disgruntled candidates. More than a couple of people have told us how they’d been copping it from their own for as little as liking the opposition’s Facebook posts. One former STAR office bearer has copped flak for not running on the ticket this year, citing a guild that in the past has been “too cliquey”. That bums me out.

As more and more former STAR supporters find themselves disillusioned, the pool of voters for independent candidate Sahil Panag grows. He might just come from behind.

We just got an email from the guild’s managing director asking if we could please remind students that voting in guild elections is not compulsory. Ordinarily we are loath to take instruction from you, Tony, but apparently some candidates working the booths have been implying that all students have to vote. Good news: you don’t! You have every right to keep on walking – and you’re welcome to visit us in the Pelican office when you make it out the other side.

Polls close tomorrow! Tell us how you’ll be celebrating – [email protected]

Words by Lucy Ballantyne

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