My day was very pleasant, thank you for asking. What wasn’t so pleasant was my phone’s constant buzzing, signaling the arrival of the same photograph over and over again. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: can I live.


The photo in question is of a flyer titled ‘Student Tutorial Survey 2015’ found somewhere in Arts, featuring the unmistakable bowtie of Rhys Tucker, current ECOMS president and Launch’s 2016 presidential candidate. It’s still campaign blackout period, so distributing campaign material is a big no-go. But when was the last time your faculty representative flung a ‘student tutorial survey’ around one of your lecture theatres? Chances are if it looks like campaign material, it probably is campaign material. Further, there’s an entirely unsubstantiated rumour circulating that the ECOMS committee never sanctioned, maybe never even saw the flyer with their name on it. Yikes.

Needless to say, there are some noses well and truly out of joint. As of this afternoon, nigh-on-one flyer remains on campus, and sources say that other guild ticket juggernaut is responsible for the clear out.

On another faculty society, to our friends at Blackstone: we don’t know who you are either.

The event for the annual Pelican Prom went live today! It’s the 80s prom confection you’ve always dreamed of. You can hit attending and get your tix here

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