Nick Morlet

Review: The Advisors (The Last Great Hunt)

"Particular passages were the white male performer made an alphabetised recount of racial slurs, or where a female performer attempts to put a positive spin on sexual assault, stood out as unseemly highlights." Nick Morlet reviews

Fringe Review: Jumping the Shark Fantastic

It's every reference you've ever heard, each performance or film you've seen or every story you've heard except - get this - turns out you’ve already seen bits of it, in a dream a few weeks ago or something. Nick Morlet reviews.

Review: Deakin – Sleep Cycle (My Animal Home)

"Listening to this album, you might get a sense of Deakin as a pathological procrastinator, or manic-depressive, or else afflicted by some other variety of creative paralysis to have spent six years making an album that feels largely incomplete." Nick Morlet reviews Sleep Cycle.

Pelican’s Albums of the Year

It’s not quite the end of the year, but it is the end of the Pelican year, so I thought I would get Peli’s music writer community to give us their top 5 alb...