What’s your favourite early 2000’s tune?


Fall Out Boy – Sugar We’re Going Down

I swear this is the song that led me into my emo phase.

Reece Gherardi


Hamster Dance – Even Hamsters Fall in Love

This song educated me on what love is, how to love, why to love and how that if a hamster can find love, maybe I may have a chance.

Ben Yaxley


Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams

It brings me back to memories of when I first discovered punk rock music in year 8 and bought black nail polish, quit piano for the electric guitar and made friends with boys for the first time.

Debbie Choo


T.I. – Whatever You Like

The message of the song just speaks to me on a deep spiritual level.

Rose Stewart


Duster – Constellations

Helped me out.

Nick Morlet


Chingy – Right Thurr

Heard it in an episode from the first season of Skins during a party scene when I was like 13 and it scared me because I for some reason thought that the whole thing was a benchmark for how life should be in high school.

Sophie Minissale


Ben Lee – Cigarettes Will Kill You

Technically not early 2000’s (it was released in 1998), but obviously Ben Lee was way ahead of his time because this song is still amazing.

Tess Bury


Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out of My Head

I saw a puppet dance to this song at a Perth Royal Show many years ago, and to this day, whenever I hear that enchanting rhythm I can still see that puppet, dancing forever in a dark but alluring recess in my mind.

Christopher Lim


My Chemical Romance – Welcome to the Black Parade

The only correct answer. Was bought this album for my 10th birthday, and it’s still in mum’s car.

Eamonn Kelly


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