Review: Deakin – Sleep Cycle (My Animal Home)

"Listening to this album, you might get a sense of Deakin as a pathological procrastinator, or manic-depressive, or else afflicted by some other variety of creative paralysis to have spent six years making an album that feels largely incomplete." Nick Morlet reviews Sleep Cycle.

Review: Beyoncé – Lemonade (Columbia)

The album is a brutally honest look into Beyoncé’s womanhood, her blackness and the intersection between the two. It is quite arguably her magnum opus; a career defining work of art which offers a jarring and oftentimes uncomfortable look into Beyoncé’s marriage and her experiences as a black woman.

“Was I What You Wanted Me To Be?”: Prince (1958-2016)

Last Thursday, 2016 sounded a death knell which for countless individuals worldwide, devastated to the point of disbelief. The world is poorer without the supremely talented, sly, shy, god-like human that was Prince. But "we were lucky to have him as long as we did" writes Wade McCagh, who pays his last respects here.