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Reviewed by Emily Avern

4x4x4; The Story of You is a deeply moving theatrical piece that plays on the theme of human connection.

From the moment you arrive at the venue, two smiling faces are there to greet you; a father-daughter duo who kick off your night by playing the guitar and singing beautiful songs. The incredibly talented duo couldn’t help but bring a smile to everyone’s face as they joyously tapped along their feet to the beat.

The theatrical piece was a powerful and emotional display of human connection. One by one, we are introduced to those characters who have experienced the highs and lows of significant change. Audiences are left in suspense, listening to stories reflecting substantial turning points in life and forever shaping them. We are left begging to know more as we are immersed and engaged in what feels like a deep and personal conversation with each character.

The stories are told through different lenses, from glee, pain, sorrow, anger, and humour to lust. At the same time, the method of storytelling is done in the most innovative and creative manner possible.

The Actors Hub is a cauldron of brilliant acting and dazzling musical flair. Not only are you surrounded by bright talent but also by a fantastic and helpful production team running the night. It was a very enjoyable evening. I came away reflective yet happy, and full of admiration for a great production.

4 out of 5 stars.

The show continues on January 27th and February 4th and 12th at The Actors Hub
Ticket Price: $25.00
Duration: 75 min

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