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Reviewed by Ethan Dodson

‘Let’s Dance’ is as camp as Bowie would’ve liked it to be bringing together vibrant costuming, theatrical strip teasing and a choice of songs that even the most seasoned Bowie fanatic will find refreshing.

The ladies of the night include Calypso D’Light, Delza Skye, Miss Lady Lace, Ali Oop, Madame Demi Diva, Ivy Temptress and Cece Domino but the entertainment doesn’t stop there, with Cameron the magician also making an appearance.

Camden Champagne, the nights MC, offers a cheeky, playful contrast to the women baring it all. Trivia is brought up and the audience is kept laughing all while wearing a spot on ice-blue suit and eye shadow that looks like shes walked off of a gender bent ‘Life on Mars’ set(and l mean that in the best possible way).

Although including essential Bowie hits like ‘Under Pressure,’ ‘Fame,’ ‘Starman’ and ‘Fashion,’ the set also includes deep cuts such as ‘Lazarus,’ and ‘Cat People.’ Even songs from the soundtrack of the movie ‘Labyrinth’ make an appearance such as; ‘As The World Falls Down,’ ‘Labyrinth intro,’ and ‘Magic Dance.’

The show has a few loose ends and competing ideas. There was a strange detour when Covid-19 is brought into the fold when one of the dancers stepped out in full Covid-testing PPE and wielding a vaccination needle. This amounted to nothing more than a nod to an overdone sketch of ‘Hey this is what’s been happening for the last two years, get it? Get it? Funny right?!’ I’ll let it slide however, as the choreography for removing full scrubs was spectacular.

Let’s Dance is well worth the watch if you love anything Bowie or burlesque.

4 star mans out of 5

The show continues at Fringe Festival until the 23rd of January
Pricing: $30 per ticket
Duration: 60 min


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