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8.1: The 105th Guild Council will host two Ordinary General Meetings in 2018 to be held on the 27th of March and the 23rd of October.

Moved: Megan Lee; Seconded: Jacob Fowler

 8.2: The 105th Guild Council elected Alfred Burgess and Charles Greif as OCM’s to the Tenancy Committee, as recommended by the Tenancy Committee.

Moved: Jacob Colangelo; Seconded: Yerim Won



Today’s schedule seems bare with only two motions on notice below. But never fear we have 18 reports to fill the time including NUS representative giving us their two cents.

Yet with the year only starting this reporter welcomes being eased into what I’m sure will be a never ending rollercoaster of excitement.


Brace yourselves. The student year may not have started officially yet but the voice of student advocates sure has.

Stay tuned for live updates of the first official Guild Council meeting in 2018 Cheer at home as your favourite motions pass, you favourite guild member says something positively quippy. Tear you hair out as debates and discussion travel in circles as everyone agrees but still need to put their two cents in.

Follow it all here our dedicated live feed with editor Joshua Cahill and Politics editor Cormac Power.