Whilst I’ve been assured that IRL Guild politicians and their wannabes are all lovely, normal people, my only interactions with these creatures suggests otherwise, and I am under the firm belief that they are POLITICIANS not PEOPLE (but maybe PLAYERS). Harsh? Perhaps, but then as a lover of political dramas I welcome the return of these political creatures to CAMPUS, and I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that this time of year, with its promise of political intrigue, is at the heart of what Campus Culture is all about. Nothing compares to the raw and unfiltered reality of watching baby politicians make their first attempts at SPIN and DAMAGE CONTROL whilst the PERSONAL VENDETTAS and SCREENSHOTS end potential careers and kickstart others. Sigh. Now that GoT has ended (am I the only person rooting for Cersei?) and I’ve finished House of Cards, this new hybrid of political drama and reality tv is where I’ll be getting my fix for the next 3 weeks.

Our first tip (!we’re such real journalists!) arrived in our mailbox today. The story: a love triangle that’s ready to blow up LAUNCH. Lol, how cute, anyway apparently journalistic integrity requires us to say ‘pls, pics or it didn’t happen’. I’d certainly LIKE to believe that a romantic sub-plot is playing behind the scenes, and all the better if there’s a bit of heartbreak and (Lannister-style) revenge thrown in, but the reality that I see is that no one in Guild politics has time for anything resembling romance/a life, they’re always busy doing their “job” rushing from department meetings to society quiz nights, with no time to stop and shake the hand of anyone but a potential voter, and that I most definitely am not.

Words by Ruth Thomas

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