Post ballot count, which if you were blissfully unaware (let me ruin that) was last Tuesday, the Ref Courtyard has returned to its usual soundtrack of electronic music thuds during common lunch hour. There are also less people wearing party specific colours (though, noted/remembered/still thinking: where did Vinuri Gajanayake get those pants? Calling it as the best party supportive clothing item that day. A close second, Samuel Bartlett, who I saw before the ballot count (before Ruth reminded that there was one) and I just thought was wearing a beautiful red sweater). I eat a banana selected from my personal collection, and decide that instead of trying to find caffeine I want to imbibe on this campus, I will write about Guild elections (the green Clinker of writing topics). Someone begins to use a power tool outside the office and it seems like an apt soundtrack.

Here are some memorable moments from the ballot count that I wrote in my personal diary. The only other information I keep in there is an exhaustive list of Clinkers I have eaten and their respective flavours. Vivid memories recorded as follows:

  1. The hallway outside of the Sue Boyd room has a beautiful view of Oak Lawn. For a few moments there, the sun is warm. Then I remember I am here to get some dirt on guild elections (this realisation prompted by thoughts on how good the grass looks this time of year), and I block out things I would have once appreciated (like the weather, and the world) to focus my thoughts.
    2. STAR performs some cheering downstairs, whilst Launch has taken the upstairs platform for their hype building (in both cases, very loud). When Tony opens the door to the Sue Boyd room, the platform becomes crowded and in a standout, perhaps a star moment (no acronym affiliation), Michael McKenzie (Launch presidential candidate) uses shuffling to increase balcony capacity and as a hype building opportunity (read: “if we can shuffle, we can win an election!”) In this moment, and during this phrase, I am overcome with emotion and almost pass out, but push through the shock. For someone who has never been involved with guild elections, this ballot count is taking its toll. I begin to avoid eye contact with everyone.
    3. Tony gives Ruth and I chairs. I have never felt more important in my life.
    4. When you join a party, I wonder if they test you for applause endurance? Megan (STAR presidential candidate) is first on the presidential ballot. Applause ensues. Tony is blocking his ears in a last-minute attempt to mimic the effect of ear plugs. I do not blame him. Vibe of the event: school sports carnival but with policies.

I spend the next six days alone. Which is very inefficient when making a magazine, and a lifestyle choice I regret. There are questions ruminating in my mind and waking me up at 2am (on Friday and Saturday – on Sunday I go for a substantial walk and sleep well). Are Tony’s ears okay post ballot count? Why didn’t Laney Kunum run in the elections (too many Harry Potter related obligations?) Why am I writing this in my iPhone notes, haunted yet again by visions of Jack Looby, not only wearing a really nice jumper in the Guild hallway, but also asking me where the election coverage is? Seriously though, I am partly writing this because the Guild Chair (JL) told me he was so looking forward to it, and mid magazine proof pick up – we are in the middle of layout – I was flustered and told him it was coming. Which at the time, was a lie. But there ya go.

Clinker flavours for today: pink, pink.


Words by Bryce Newton.

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