November 2016


Review: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

"Eddie Redmayne’s awkward scientist is adorable and necessary as an English envoy in an American version of such an English story. Alongside Cumberbatch, he's the most English person in Hollywood, so: perfect choice." Pema Monaghan reviews.

Gossip Goh: Reid Run(a)way

Gossip Goh heads to campus find out what students are wearing this exam season. Are birkinstocks still a thing? Does comfort always trump style? Is it actually bad luck to shower between exam? Who knows?!! Gossip Goh does.

A fancast rises

Pelican's unchallenged and supreme Star Wars nerd Prema Arasu calls the cast for the as-yet untitled 2018 Han Solo anthology.

Words with actress and survivor Xan Fraser

"There I was, thinking I was being brave and doing the right thing and answering the judge clearly, thinking that it would make me safe. But it totally worked against me." Katie McAllister interviews Xan Fraser.

No shroom for joy

"There was a seismic shift in perception: my mind cracked and rearranged itself into new and alien combinations. " Al Mowbray recounts his dark inroad into music festival shrooms and mental health.