There isn’t really much to say in the way of ~campus~ fashun atm other than the fact that I’ve resorted to wearing birkenstocks and socks whilst roaming around campus (if you see me, holla!) whilst self-consciously lugging around my massive-ass perth mod school bag, because it’s the largest backpack I own. As students spend more and more time at Reid Library, I’m constantly amazed at the variation in outfits I see; from the juvies using their study break to show off their latest American Apparel gear (I see you, Christchurch Grammar School) to harem pants or, my favourite – tracksuit pants showing visible boners.

untitledTo procrastinate from studying for tomorrow’s exam, I gave myself an excuse to walk around and take pictures of other peoples’ outfits and ask them a bit about their day.

(For reference, this is me. Here, in my natural habitat, I am clothed in my wanky uniform of all-black with a shirt emblazoned with one of Jenny Holzer’s Truisms so I prove I’m cultured and shit (and probably should have done an arts degree), high waisted tapered pants and the Birkenstock ‘Jesus’ sandals loved by upper middle class white girls.)









15135559_371449089874907_1440998716_nName: Isabel, from Dunsborough

Degree: Biomed,  first year

What are you wearing today? Cat Empire shirt, exercise shorts (the author loathes any form of deliberate exercise and presumes that is what they are), thongs

Anything else to say? I’ve gone like blank on any funny things to tell you.

Me too, Isabel … me too.

I’m surprised that, on my first attempt, I’ve found a first year who has already given up on clothing choices for midday Reid library study sessions… It only gets worse from here.








14959169_371475259872290_1229503432_oName: Julia

Degree: Double Psychology, Third Year

What are you wearing? Activewear because it’s comfy as shit – specifically, Lorna Jane leggings (‘it’s the only piece I own!’), cotton on top and those black-and-white nikes that every girl who survived 2015 has

Anything else to say? Reid is a fucking hub. It’s basically every marketer’s dream.

We also had a discussion about how expensive exercise wear is and about how she wasn’t actually planning on doing any exercise today…. apparently we went to the same school (I’m two years older) and we extensively talked about how incestuous Perth is, because, let’s face it, we’re all related somehow.

At least we’re not UTas.






15133744_371474553205694_866515507_oName: Harry Raymond

Degree: Double major in Economics

What are you wearing? Ralph Lauren long sleeve button up, skinny jeans, Croc thongs (!!!!)

Anything else to say? No. (He later added that he knows like, one person who reads Pelican.)

Somehow I met this guy at Mexicana and have been friends with him on Facebook since March. Our interaction was extremely awkward because I started off the ‘interview’ with asking him if he was a Lib (no) and attempted to explain to him in as few words as possible why this ‘article’ was actually publishable content (for web, at least).







untitledName: … Rae ‘I need to get my roots redid. Or go blonde again. Or both’ Twiss

Studying: Psychology

What are you wearing: Brand New ‘The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me’ album art t-shirt, a Monki black skirt, doc martens and natural roots.

Anything else to say: The malaysian place at Broadway is actually amazing. They deserve a shout out.

We also had a discussion about how VICE-y this article is with all its parentheses, which made me question how much the internet musings of my 14 year old self has affected my writing… I hate to admit it but I actually don’t do this deliberately. Meanwhile, Rae’s currently snapchatting this guy who is sleeping in front of his computer and making memes on her phone.

‘til next time!


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