It was recently announced that Donald Glover will play a young Lando Calrissian in the upcoming, yet unnamed, Han Solo film (2018). Han is to be played by Alden Ehrenreich, a mostly unknown actor.

As Pelican’s self-titled resident Star Wars Nerd™ … here’s my fancast.


Han SoloDanny Pudihan-solo

Aside from his undeniable chemistry with Don Glover, Pudi would make a fantastic desi space cowboy. Plus, his nerdy physique would look incredible in those Corellian bloodstriped pants.


ChewbaccaJason Segel, Peter Mayhew (voice)chewieSegel is a Star Wars fan and 6’4, which makes him a suitable body double for Mayhew, who has played the Wookiee for seven films.


Sana StarrosZoe KravitzsanaWhether Han’s fake wife character appears in the film or not, Kravitz would deliver the badassery required for the role.


Boba FettJemaine Clementboba-fettLike the actor who played Jango Fett, Temeura Morrison, Clement (in addition to being very talented) is Maori. This is continuous with Mandalore being space New Zealand.


Admiral ThrawnLee PacepacePace’s thing seems to be playing campy villains and spending four hours in makeup every day before filming, so this would suit him perfectly.


Senator Bail OrganaJimmy SmitsxHe is also reprising this role in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016).

A young sexy Jabba the Hutt – Bill Hader (voice), Stephen Fry (motion capture). Hader knows perfect Huttese, while Fry’s Hutt-like mannerisms and naturally commanding air are ideal for the role.


A young sexy GreedoBen SchwartzgreedoThe wooooorst Rhodian who doesn’t know how to shoot first.


A young sexy Moff TarkinTom HiddlestonhiddletonBritish, evil, sexy, on-point contour. Hiddleston has the charisma required for the one man who could keep a-hold Vader’s ‘leash’.


Maz Kanata – Lupita Nyong’olupitaIdeally, Nyong’o will resume her role as a slightly younger but still very old Maz. We want the backstory on her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend, Chewy.


IG-88Aubrey Plaza (voice)aubreyBecause Plaza is terrifying and therefore suitable for voice work as a murder-bot.


Words by Prema Arasu

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