Holly Carter-Turner

Australia, it’s time to “pack up your vag,” stop being such a loser and come along to watch Bottoms!

Since having shared a babysitter when they were kids, (Gay Yoda), PJ and Josie have been BFFs. They’ve been through thick and thin together: all of their awkward schooling moments, spring breaks, summer holidays, juvie (…which may or may not have happened). They really are each other’s number ones.

Their next adventure? Trying to get laid. The relate-ably awkward duo are sick of going unnoticed, so they cook up a scheme to get the hot girls’ attention. If they are honest (which they continually aren’t) they’ve started a fight club. If their club supervisor Mr G. asks, it’s a “feminist, activist, come-and-empower-women, talk-about-your-feelings, hobby club.”

Bottoms is beautifully sarcastic and pokes fun at all of the ridiculous and toxic stereotypes we have come to know watching movies. It had me laughing out loud whilst simultaneously curling up into a ball and cringing hard, I highly recommend watching it. Will these two untalented gays finally get the babes? You’ll have to come along and see!

Bottoms comes out in cinemas on the 30th November.

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