Ethan Dodson


Artist: Ullah

Single: ‘Slow Motion’

Genre: Indie-rock

Label: Self-released


Slow Motion inhabits a quiet, introspective space, apparently emerging as a response to the singer’s concern for the amount of monster energy drinks they drink; what starts off as something tongue-in-cheek becomes something entirely unique and personal.

For a debut single to be this comfortable with itself, both reflective, brooding, and overflowing with character, is really exciting to see. The raw fuzzy guitar solo in the middle is perfect and really elevates the song for me. What begins as a guitar and vocal performance becomes loud and shoe-gazey, and then continues, but with a little more desperation. 

I’ve only been able to catch Ullah and the band live once but, after this single l’ll be making sure to keep a closer ear to the ground for the next time that they’re performing and you should to.

Artist: Lloyd and the Leftovers

Single:  ‘Speak Loud’

Genre: Folk

Label: Self-released


There are so many incredible folk acts in Perth that sometimes you might, wrongly, think that you’ve heard them all. For me, discovering Lloyd and the Leftovers felt like a slap in the face, you’re telling me that these guys have been performing practically on my doorstep and l’ve somehow missed them (especially since l’m doing this segment, l’ve got a reputation to uphold y’know?).

As someone completely obsessed with Wilco’s Yankee Foxtrot Hotel and ’70s era Dylan this electric folk four-piece is right up my alley. The rolling, chugging guitars all over ‘Speak Loud’ and the punchy drums drive the entire song; the mix is also really great on this one, it’s truly punching well well above its weight for a debut single. And, just when you think it’s over, the violin comes in and brings you to the B-section of the song, that almost reminds me of something on a Fleet Foxes song, providing a complete tonal shift akin to a cherry on top.

It’s safe to say that l’m really loving this one. Seeing them live is definitely on the top of my to-do-list and again, it should be the same for you.

Artist: Hector Morlet

Single: ‘The Swimming Pool’

Genre: Indie

Label: Self-released


It seems Hector Morlet is hell bent on outdoing himself with each coming single. 

His second single of the year, ‘The Swimming Pool’ might be the best song he has released thus far. For an artist to emerge onto the scene with, what is undoubtedly, already a unique sound, and then continue to elaborate on that sound with each coming single, and then to be able to watch that…

Tonally, ‘The Swimming Pool’ reminds me a lot of Sketches of Brunswick East and Mild High Club, whether it be the Bossa Nova drum machine grooves, the soft clarinet lines, or the boxy punchy bassline. This has also got to be one of the most effortless sounding vocal performances that Hector has delivered to us to date.

If you love what he’s put out so far don’t miss one of his variety shows, a really unique campy experience that has put other super talented local artists such as The Great Statue and Claudie Joy alongside variety acts such as ventriloquists.

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