Image from University Dramatic Society (UDS)

Words by Ethan Dodson  


Loosened up by long island ice teas, the nights drink special, the crowd hangs off the performers’ every word. Dimmed lights and re-arranged cosy seating have transformed the UWA tavern into a tightly packed makeshift theatre. It feels homely and electric as, within arm’s reach, you watch and applaud as each sketch begins and ends.  


Taking place over three acts, none of the sketches overstays its welcome. They are brief and hilarious, varying from tragicomedy in ‘when Harold met agent’, a hilarious comment on the current state of the housing market, to ‘yes/no interview’, an increasingly chaotic situation that explores the limitations of responding in merely ‘yes’ and ‘no.’   


The Tav shows’ charm comes from an unassuming simplicity in its humour. ‘Killer Romance’ follows a basic premise: ‘what would happen if a serial killer picked up a hitchhiker who is also a serial killer?’ Although this may sound grim, the bit is happy to focus on the hilarity of attempting to take off a sweater while driving a car for what feels like a good two-to-three minutes, each attempt receiving more laughter than the last before the dramatic conclusion of both the driver and the hitchhiker pulling a knife on each other.  


Lauren and McKenzie have done a fantastic job directing the eleventh annual Top Shelf. Although Covid-19 posed some challenges for rehearsals, the show goes on without a hitch.  


Congratulations are also due to the entire cast, crew, writers, and production team.  


So, do yourself a favour and see the Top Shelf production next year. You’ll be in for a special night.  


4 stars out of 5 

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