Words by Justine Cerna

Meeting Notes taken by Jelena Kovacevic 

Every month the elected student body meets to discuss the business of the UWA Student Guild. This report details the happenings of the UWA Student Guild committee meeting held on March 30th, 2022. 

Guild Council Meeting – March 30th, 2022 

The meeting commenced at 6:07 pm on MS Teams with an acknowledgement of Country, Whadjuk Noongar Boodjar. 

No Business completed via Circular, the meeting proceeds to the Directors’ Reports 

Report from the Managing Director 

  • The University is working on financial audits and the Guild Annual report, hoping to release the latter very soon. 
  • Of interest, a joint project concentrated on a new Code of Conduct, with university lawyer Maria. Law changes dictate what can and cannot be said in the context of the Guild Council, for the protection of student representatives and those adjacent to the Guild. The Code of Conduct will apply differentially to staff and students and extend to university clubs and societies. Staff and students have been required to attend defamation training in the meantime.  



6.1 Welfare & Advocacy Committee. Election for Chair of Committee  

6.1.1 Up to three (3) Guild Department representatives, one of whom must identify as a female or non-binary  

6.1.2 Up to three (3) Ordinary Guild Councilors, at least one of whom must identify as a female or non-binary 

6.2 Sponsorship Working Group elections  



 Guild Meeting changes 

7.1 The 109th Guild Council endorses the changes to the council meeting to incorporate breaks at regular intervals sensitive to discussion intensity and length of the meeting overall.  

 Moved by Sapphire Carter 

Seconded by Dana Fung  

Motion is passed unanimously. 


7.2 The 109th Guild Council confirms the appointment of Rebeka Morrison and Nakita Humes as WASAC Co-Chairs, upon recommendation from WASAC.  


Moved by Aidan Mansfield  

Seconded by Narendra Gammanpila  


7.3 The 109th Guild Council accepts the resignation of Anwar Farhan from the position of Pride Officer, effective immediately. 


Moved by Aidan Mansfield  

Seconded by Narendra Gammanpila 



New Projects 

8.1 The 109th Guild Council approves the regulations for the Lyn Beazley institute upon recommendations from the Governance Committee  


Moved by Aidan Mansfield  

Seconded by Rashdina Ramli 


8.2 The 109th Council approves the terms of references for the following committees upon the recommendation of the Governance Committee:  

8.2.1 UWA Student Project Board  

8.2.2 UWA Student Research Hub 


New Committees explained by Amitabh Jeganathan 

  • “The UWA Student Project Board allows students to be empowered to make the changes they want to see, without making it onto Guild. It allows students to choose an issue and a solution, submit their CV and receive a review. The review will determine if the student can achieve this and if confirmed, they can receive a mentor and funding.” 
  • “The UWA Student Research Hub for the executive Guild to decide what should be the focus for the period of a year. A report (generated over the course of the said year) will be transferred to the next Guild Council for use.” 


Moved by Amitabh Jeganathan  

Seconded by Rashdina Ramli  



The War in Ukraine 

9.1 The 109th Guild Council:  

9.1.1 Stands in solidarity with Ukraine and Russian citizens resisting the Russian regime’s authoritarian rule and attacks on innocent civilians.  

9.1.2 Recognises the impact war and imperialism inflict on everyone, which continue to fuel the refugee crisis around the world.  

9.1.3 Opposes and recognises the double standard of the Western media’s coverage of the Ukraine crisis, which shuns Ukrainians of colour and “uncivilised’ refugees from different war-torn countries around the world.  

9.1.4 Supports all refugees escaping war and recognises the displacement of culturally and linguistically diverse people around the world must receive increased recognition from its elected representatives, all students, and the media.  

9.1.5 Supports all UWA students affected by crises occurring overseas and commits to sharing relevant support services available, such as Student Assist for welfare and academic support.  

9.1.6 Endorses fundraising efforts by the Ethnocultural Department to raise awareness about crises happening globally, which include the Ukrainian crisis.  

Moved by Adam Elyousef  

Seconded by Geemal Jayawickrama 


Comments attributed to Ethnocultural Officer and President of ISD 

  • “There are multiple refugee crises that need to be addressed Australian-wide and on campus. It is our duty to educate people on the issues refugees face, recognising that some students may lack the knowledge or interest to act at present.” 
  • “Guild Statements need to be amended to support all refugees.”  
  • ISD and Ethnocultural committees flagged to work on this issue.   


UWA Response to the National Student Survey 2021 

9.2 The 109th Guild Council: 

9.2.1 Expresses deep concern about the horrific findings of the National Student Safety Survey 2021 which outline not only the prevalence of sexual harassment and assault at UWA but also the unclear and unsatisfactory reporting and response processes currently in place. 

9.2.4 Demands that UWA: Immediately inform UWA students of their plans to confront this issue Promptly review and improve the current reporting as well as responding processes in place. Evaluate the effectiveness of the Inclusion & Diversity Committee and the working groups supporting it. Deliver workshops and training to all university staff on sexual misconduct and responding to student disclosures made through official reporting procedures and otherwise.  

Moved by Chloe Bryant
Seconded by Charlotte Kennedy 

  • Discussion on the matter underscored education on sexual violence for university clubs (see as a priority in the University’s and Guild’s efforts in addressing sexual violence on and off campus. Managing Director Tony Goodman reminds everyone that club spaces are often off campus, and that once a sexual crime has been committed, it needs to be dealt with by the police.  
  • Response to – Consideration is being given to creating a subcommittee dedicated to dealing with sexual assault cases by Women’s Officer Chloe Bryant and Ethnocultural Officer Adam Elyousef. In the event the Inclusion & Diversity Committee is found not appropriate, officers will consult with Safe Communities Group.  

Motion passes unanimously. 




10.1 The 109th Guild Council:  

10.1.1 Wishes all Muslim UWA students a happy Ramadan and extends support to those fasting away from their families and/or in isolation due to Covid-19.
10.1.2 Encourages UWA students in isolation or overseas who are fasting to interact with the Muslim Students’ Association, the Ethnocultural & International Students’ Departments for support during Ramadan, and to reach out to the Guild’s support services for extra support.
10.1.3 3. Directs the University to work with relevant Guild Departments to cater to the needs of students whose assessments (e.g., quizzes, tests) coincide with religious celebrations. 
10.1.4 Commits to promoting the Guild’s academic support services & guidelines for how to apply for Special Consideration on religious grounds on the Guild’s social media.
10.1.5 5. Supports the upcoming ‘Open Air-Iftar’ hosted by the Ethnocultural Department and the Muslim Students’ Association on April 13.  

Moved by Adam Elyousef
Seconded by Rashdina Ramli  

Motion passes unanimously 

10.2 The 109th Guild Council: 

10.2.1 Condemns the Federal Government’s 2022 budget which is a near-sighted, in some cases punitive, document which fails to address the long-term needs of Australians.
10.2.2 Opposes the Federal Government’s continual failure to address the needs of university students.
10.2.4 Recognises that the so-called “cash-splash” is an irresponsible measure that will not relieve rising inflation and cost of living pressures.
10.2.5 Stands in solidarity with the statement issued by the National Union of Students and supports the “It’s Time for Change” campaign. 

Moved by David Hallam
Seconded by Amitabh Jeganathan 

Motion passes unanimously. 


Australian Refugee Policy Developments 

10.3 109th Guild Council:  

10.3.1 Welcomes the NZ Government’s offer to accept refugees from Australian detention.
10.3.2 Condemns the Australian Government for taking over nine years to finally action the agreement.
10.3.3 Urges the Australian Government to immediately grant visas to all remaining refugees in detention.
10.3.4 Opposes the retroactive nature of the policy which denies safety and asylum to all future refugees.
10.3.5 Endorses refugee human rights movements and supports all efforts to free refugees from detention.
10.3.6 Endorses the Students for Refugees club, praises their efforts and endorses their campaigns for all refugees. 

Moved by David Hallam
Seconded by Chloe Bryant 


The next meeting will be held Wednesday 27th April 2022 at 6:00 PM. 

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