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Every month the elected student body meets to discuss the business of the UWA Student Guild, elect new members, and pass potential motions.  

This report details the happenings of the UWA Student Guild committee meeting held on February 23rd, 2022.   


Guild Council Meeting – February 23rd, 2022 

The meeting commenced at 6:03 pm with an acknowledgment of Country, Whadjuk Noongar Boodjar.  


Business completed via circular sees the 109th Guild Council (GC) putting forward the recommendation of Madison Holling and Dylan Turner for the positions of Relay for Life Co-Chairs.   

 Motion passed.   


Report from the Managing Director  

Tony on behalf of the university notes:  

  • ‘Strong’ number of students back on campus, including a “trickle-back” of international students who have managed to get through the state’s hard border. The university is preparing for COVID-19 when it hits campus, already implementing staff rotations (working from home).  
  • The UWA op-shop is performing well, and UWA-Champion merchandising is looking strong. (Who knew the Guild Halls contained so much swag?)   
  • Not surprisingly, the online book shop is performing better than the on-campus bookstore. This makes sense considering the hesitancy to come to campus.  



  • Access underscored the importance of accessibility for disabled students and reps on Guild events and Guild Village   
  • The Guild Council recognises accessibility issues and states there is room to incorporate the desires of Access when plans regarding renovations become more concrete. On this, a full master plan detailing renovations of the Guild Village are not expected until the end of this year.   


Motions on Notice (Operations) 

New Office Bearers 

7.1 Upon recommendation from the governance committee, the 109th Council appoints David Hallam for the role of Education Council President 

Moved by Rashdina Ramil  

Seconded by Amitabh Jeganathan  

7.2 Upon recommendation from the governance committee, the 109th Council appoints Chloe Bryant for the role of Women’s Officer 

Moved by Rashdina Ramil  

Seconded by Amitabh Jeganathan  

109th Guild Council welcomed David Hallam and Chloe Bryan as Education Council President and Women’s Officer respectively, following the resignation of Jasmine Hensley and Esther Nixon.  


On Climate Change 

8.1 The 109th Guild Council   

8.1.1 Reaffirms its commitment to fighting the climate crisis  

8.1.2 Calls on the University to cut its ties with fossil fuel companies  

8.1.3 Endorses the university student contingent to the School Strike 4 Climate (SS4C) on March 25th.   

Moved by Nicole McEwen   

Seconded by Natasha Nicole  

  •  Referencing the student body’s referendum on declaring a climate emergency a few years ago, Nicole urged that the climate issue needs to be a priority for all council meetings going forward.   
  • Importantly, the Guild must consider and interrogate the ‘strong links’ between UWA and the fossil fuel and mining industries.   

With further discussion to take place on the actionability of 8.1.2, the motion passes unanimously.  

On Adelaide University Student Representative Council
[For context see here: https://honisoit.com/2022/02/deeply-undemocratic-adelaide-university-src-push-back-against-attempts-to-muzzle-student-activists/]   

8.2 The 109th Guild Council  

8.2.1 Endorses letter written by the Adelaide University SRC President, Ana Obradovik and encourages all students elected to the UWA Guild to sign in support.  

8.2.2 Commits to donating the GoFundMe that was set up to cover the cost of SRC O-week materials.   

8.2.3 Reconfirms its commitment to student democracy and asserts that the Young Liberals faction is detrimental to progressive student unionism across the country.   

Moved by Nicole McEwen  

Seconded by Natasha Nicole  

  • David Hallam moves an amendment to 8.2.2 to specify that the $200 will be coming out of the Education Council’s budget.   
  • Nicole McEwen urges solidarity with other student unions.  

After the amendment to 8.2.2 vote on the motion, it passes.  


On COVID-19 on campus 

8.3 The 109th Guild Council   

8.3.1 Recognises the devastating impact of the COVID Pandemic globally, and the 5.8M+ deaths (including, over 4k deaths in Australia), many of which were the result of overrun hospitals and prioritisation of the economy over human life.   

8.3.2 Extends solidarity to staff in challenging times, noting that the NTEU has expressed that the UWA’s measures currently do not fully meet the University’s requirements under the Occupational Safety & Health Act 1984.  

8.3.3 Supports Vaccine mandates in the name of public health, including for all university students and staff  

8.3.4 Demands that UWA:
1. Provide respirator masks to students and staff
2. Reinstate, effective immediately, vaccination checks for entry to library buildings
         3. Require actual proof of vaccination be uploaded to LMS
                   4. Provide the UWA Student Guild with proof that air quality is adequate (less than 800ppm    CO2)  

8.3.5 Directs the Guild to:
1. Email information about the best masks to wear and where to buy them for all students –            respirator masks (P2, N95, KN95, KF94).
        2. Run a social media campaign encouraging students to wear respirator masks and keep       these masks on in all indoor/crowded spaces.
        3. Email all unit coordinators and request that they encourage respirator mask use in all their           classes to keep everyone safe, including links to scientific research on respirator mask use. 

Moved by Nicole McEwen  

Seconded by Natasha Nicole  

  • Question time heard interrogation of concentrated on the issues of affordability and supply chain disruption. Many students and staff abide by the rules set by the university regarding mask-wearing on campus.   
  • Justification for the clause reiterated – respirator masks are more effective in reducing the spread of disease and should at the very least be made available to the student body.  
  • It is highlighted in the debate that masks are being supplied to dentistry and medicine students, and other schools where required.   

 Resolution of the discussion see’s not passed.  

  • Other points contained within the motion on vaccination ( and air ventilation ( are underscored, and student reps are reminded it is up to them to hold the university responsible in implementation and improvement, respectively. excepted, vote in favour of motion passes unanimously.   


The next meeting will be held Wednesday 30th March 2022 at 6:00 PM. 

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