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By Owen Cumming

After picking up a range of awards over the last three years (including being a ‘Raw State finalist’ and ‘Ultimate Funny Comedian’ semi-finalist), Miss Samia was flying high into her first headline performance.

The show started with a quick opening set from Chief Kosseh to get everyone’s funny bones warmed up. Then, after a warm introduction which got the crowd clapping and singing, out stepped Miss Samia.

From the moment she walked on stage singing, dancing, and bedazzled in sequins, Miss Samia lived up to her name, The Bae of Bengal. In a show full of sass, sex, and sparkles, Miss Samia showed off her gift for storytelling. Recounting tales that were relatable to some, but hilarious to all.

Since it was the first time Miss Samia had performed solo, there may have been some nerves for her going in. This came across with a few jokes not landing as well as they could have. However, despite this, she quickly found her stride and ingratiated herself to the audience.

The four big themes of this show were sex, dating, teaching, and Bangladeshi parents – bringing with them a mix of relatable and unique stories throughout the evening.

When misbehaving at school, did your teacher ever informed you that they were fucking your dad?

Well, evidently, one of Miss Samia’s traumatised pupils have.

Have you ever accidentally gone on a date with a homeless guy and been invited back to his trolly?

Miss Samia has.

Have you ever (this might be more of a niche experience) had to explain to conservative Bangladeshi parents why you had to get tested for ‘chlamydia,’ claiming it was due to an unfortunate encounter with a Koala…?

No? Well, me neither, but The Bae of Bengal has!

Whether you’re into jokes about teaching, sex, immigrant parents, more sex, speed dating with farmers, or jokes about sex, Miss Samia has got a story for you.

All kidding aside, the show ended with a moment of touching earnestness that we don’t usually expect from a comedy gig.

A few years ago, Miss Samia nearly died from a surprise anaphylactic reaction. In the last few minutes of her show, she recounted what seemed at the time like it would be the final few moments of her life. She said that the only thought in her head was, “I wish I’d taken more chances.” So, when she did recover, she took the chance to follow her dreams and pursue a career in comedy.

Perhaps we should all take inspiration from Miss Samia without the need of a near death experience.

With a quick wit, a dirty mind, a sordid past, and a knack for storytelling, Miss Samia is definitely a comedian worth keeping an eye on. The Bae of Bengal was a hilarious night out of sass, sex, and sparkles!

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