Francesca Stewart writes poetry about time and the timeless, beauty, nature, and emotion.


Under an ocean of stars

I stand and remember

The loves that I have lost

Bones of yesterday

Buried deep beneath

The sands of time


Through the hourglass


As the loss of youth

And constant

As the turning of the earth


And in this solitude

Struck by mortality

A comet blazes forth

Lighting up the sky

Crashing at my feet

He is all fire

And glory

Eyes bright with passion

And fury

The urgency of a warrior

The night before battle

To live, breathe and exist

Through the eyes

And in the arms of another


Charred skin

Across my heart

In the shape of a handprint

Lips parched with a thirst

That will never be slaked

I feel my feet sink into the sand

Bones becoming yesterday’s

And I am buried to the knee

Rooted in place

I look up at the stars

And wait for the night sky

To swallow me whole.

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