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Here we go — all of us trying

to stay afloat. Monochrome circles

favoured the severe. I see crowds

of people, walking around in a ring.

I had not thought death                      life

had undone

so many.


Make yourself at home —

I’m sorry for the mess. It’s been a while …

I’ve been meaning to get onto that.

Two thousand and twenty years,

What have we done now?

Oh, look what we have here!


a circle

A circle?

parallel lines never meet


This is a public service announcement:

Be kind to your mind.

Tips to stay mentally healthy during COVID-19!



ring a ring a rosie

a pocket full of posies

a tissue! a tissue!

we all fall down


At the third stroke it will be

eleven fifty-three and two seconds.


tik tik tik tik tok tik tok tik

i’ve fallen asleep with the light on again

why do i keep doing that?


another day





This is a pandemic.

Please — my constitutional rights are essential!

what even is a pandemic

(of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.


always second place

second bloody place


this is a pandemic?

home is where the heart is

i can feel every cell beating.


i am lost

in a little place

with the human race


Back to the topic at hand!

I wasn’t allowed to leave the house for three weeks,

so here I am writing poetry. Again.

Hey Siri, what considers poetry, poetry?

fancy lines


maybe some quotations

or vague descriptions

google says that poetry makes you feel





i can’t feel

these lines                   are                               going                                       nowhere


To whom it may concern,

I regret to inform you of the death of . . .

i can no longer name every name.

a metronome no longer marking the altitudes

but the descent.

how can one feel so lonely in a city of millions?


We are the hollow men

We are the stuffed men



i can’t breathe.


So, how does this story end? Love

has died here. Hello, have you seen my wife?

I’m looking for my life.


I never wanted to see you again.

Two thousand and twenty years

and we’ve already destroyed it all.

I’m sorry it didn’t last long.


what can i do?             what can i do?

i never want to see you again.


This is the way the world ends.

too many words

too many words

i can’t think

i can’t think

what can i say

this is going nowhere




how could i think like this

i hate words

i hate words

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