By Emma Forsyth

2021 Guild Elections are officially done and dusted! While we can imagine you are sick of hearing about them, we hope that you can still appreciate the element of style within these politically charged outfits. Do pay particular attention the use of monochrome styling and addition of sustainably sourced clothing!



#3: Geemal Jayawickrama – Global – 2022 ISD Prez

What is he wearing?!

Geometric striped t-shirt, jeans, and white shoes!

Why is he #3?!

He feels his dressing sense isn’t the best, but (as he does with GLOBAL) he puts effort into it and he definitely deserves credit for that!

#2: Nicole McEwen – Left Action – Guild Prez Candidate

What is she wearing?!

Dress bought in Bali (when travel was still possible), mum’s denim jacket, pink & white sneakers, and a pink corduroy bag!


Why is she #2?!

Pink is the best colour so no one else should have a chance!

Fashion Editor’s Note: it’s the matching tote bag for us!

#1 Amitabh – Spark – Guild Prez Candidate

What is he wearing?! 

‘Dickie’ overalls, his Grandpa’s jumper and customised converse by ‘Rubacustoms’!

Why is he #1?!

He wants the people to decide!

Fashion Editor’s Note: we love the customised converse!

Honourable Mention: Adam Elyousef – STAR – General Secretary Candidate

What is he wearing?

Green corduroy shirt, semi formal pants, and pink socks with stars!


Why is he not in Best Dressed?

While we appreciate his daring use of corduroy, due to him being a GenSec candidate not a Prez, we cannot officially rank him.



Editor’s Note: Costa Toufexis of COSTA couldn’t attend his scheduled interview with Pelican at this election due to illness, and didn’t respond to requests for a re-schedule, so couldn’t be included in this ranking.

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