As the gloriously long summer break neared closer and closer, I thought I would take it upon myself to reflect upon what I spent a lot of my time doing: binging.

‘Binging’ normally receives a notoriously bad connotation from my parents and older family members, but I like to view my binging of podcasts and TV shows as educational – I’m learning and relaxing, so really it’s a win-win.

Sadly, it’s time to press pause on some of my binging for the summer, and open those uni textbooks back up. Before I do that though, I’d like to recommend a few things I enjoyed listening to and watching this summer, just so I can keep a written log of my laziness, as well as giving you all something to do while procrastinating.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.



You’re Wrong About

I can talk about this podcast until the cows come home, but it’s such a banger! Hosted by two American journalists, Sarah Marshall and Michael Hobbs, this podcast is so juicy and ‘hits the spot’ as a great summer listen. The two basically dive in and discuss events, people, and phenomena that might have been misconstrued in the public’s mind, and dissect and debunk some of the facts and evidence. It’s a super interesting podcast that is both informative and laid-back, and basically just feels like you’re privy to a big gossip session – who wouldn’t want that?! Can’t recommend this one enough.

The Night Driver

Another podcast I’ve been really enjoying is ‘The Night Driver’, hosted by Hedley Thomas and produced by The Australian. I’m not normally one to enjoy and seek out true crime as a genre, but I do really love the podcasts that The Australian produces. I’d listened to ‘The Lighthouse’ and ‘Nowhere Child’, but hadn’t dived into ‘The Night Driver’ yet. This podcast was truly gripping, and was one that I was hooked on this summer. I suppose I appreciate the investigative journalism aspect of the podcast, being a journalism student myself, but I think anyone would find this podcast really interesting.

Always was, always will be our stories

I’ve been a fan of Marlee Silva for a while, so naturally I started listening to her podcast ‘Always was, always will be our stories’. I’ve really enjoyed listening to her podcast and hearing the perspectives from important Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices within society, and I really appreciate listening to a podcast that is so informative. Marlee is a warm and generous host, and I think Australians can learn a lot from her. I would definitely recommend giving this one a listen.

It’s a Lot with Abbie Chatfield

I cannot forget to mention the ‘queen’ herself, Abbie Chatfield, and her fabulous podcast, ‘It’s a Lot with Abbie Chatfield’. This podcast never ceases to make me laugh hysterically, and also think about and question important topics within society. Abbie’s openness in discussing what mainstream society would deem as ‘taboo’ topics, is something I find really refreshing and enjoyable. Oh, and she was just recently crowned Queen of the Jungle on ‘I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!’, so she truly is a ‘Queen’.


TV shows:

It’s a Sin

This was the absolute highlight of things I’ve watched this summer, that’s for sure. ‘It’s a Sin’ is a must-watch for everyone to learn more about the devastating HIV/AIDS crisis in the 80s, and to see a representation of how it played out for people. You’ll most definitely need a box of tissues for this one – I was crying so much at one point, I couldn’t see through my glasses. Please please please watch this show and talk about it with other people, because it’s such an important watch.

The Queen’s Gambit

Okay yes, I understand that this is a basic recommendation and literally everyone is talking about it, but this seriously was such a good show. A show that is able to make me feel compelled and interested enough to order a chess set online after watching it is something I hold in high regard, and I don’t even like chess! This show was pure genius and I’m pretty sure I binged this in one sitting (please don’t do the maths of how long I was sitting watching it for – I don’t want to know). It was sharp and compelling, and extremely well shot and acted.

The Undoing

This was another one that I unfortunately binged in one sitting (again, don’t do the maths please), which was so engaging and compelling. No one told me about Hugh Grant playing a creepy character, and now I’m afraid my memory of him in classic romcoms like Bridget Jones is fading quickly. However, this show was such a rollercoaster and whirlwind, and super enjoyable to watch. Nicole Kidman was phenomenal in her role, and the premise of the show was extremely captivating. I have some additional thoughts about who the murderer ended up being, but I’ll save you my spoilers and give you the chance to watch it yourself.

I May Destroy You

I’m currently watching ‘I May Destroy You’ – written, created, and starring Michaela Coel, and I am just absolutely blown away with the writing and production of this show. This show does deal with topics surrounding sexual assault and consent, and may be triggering for some people, so a fair warning around the content. The show itself is amazingly executed and is such an important watch, and Michaela Coel honestly deserves the most amount of praise and recognition for it. I’d highly recommend checking this one out.


Last but not least, is the Stan original Australian TV show, ‘Bump’. I wasn’t sure I was going to like this show at first, but immediately fell in love with the characters in the first episode. This show was recommended by a friend (thanks Megan) and was such a fun and easy watch this summer. I loved the main characters, Oly and Santi, and thought that their relationship was so refreshing and unlike anything I had seen portrayed before. This was an Australian gem, and something I can’t wait to see return for season 2.


While it’s been fun binging a ridiculous number of things these holidays, I think it’s time for me to retire my headphones and TV remote for a while.

Hopefully that gives you all something to look out for when you’re next choosing something to watch or listen to, and who knows, maybe I’ll procrastinate this semester and have an even longer list of recommendations in time for our winter break.


Courtney is currently adding up how many hours she spent binging things these holidays, and things aren’t looking good.

Words by Courtney Withers

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

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