The perfect balance of adult humour and folktale magic to give us adults the nightcap we need!


Described as being ‘adult story time’, Fairyfales has returned for another round of ‘bedtime stories.’ These local Perth comedians have foretold all kinds of myths that are saucy, gory, moving, bewitching and will make your sides ache from laughter! Presented by five Western Australians from the Modicum Theatre Company (Leigh Fitzpatrick, Beck Thorman, Courtney Maldo, Jamie Cook and Felix Camponovo), this is the company’s fourth year at Fringe World, having previously delivered classics like Hansel and Gretel (2019) and Midsummers Dreams (2020).


Come along for a round of educational stories filled with unusual life lessons that we as adults clearly still need to learn. Lessons like why you shouldn’t mess with the stonemasons, to how to get into a yoga child’s pose. Maxims like “addictions are bad except when they’re for cats, then they’re life-changing”.  All of these and more, within the single hour of FairyFales; the only way to understand exactly what they mean is to see the show!


There are myths and legends aplenty, with gods, emperors, cats, princes, heroes, murderous villains and the occasional magical slinky-horse and monstrous rat. This collection of fables would not be complete without a blend of historical myth and local relatability, with inside jokes perfect for humble Australian folk. We travel the world from the Middle East to France, from exotic temples all the way to Ireland.


All of the storytellers are quite clearly born entertainers; the illustrative performance was a standout as were the whole-body performances of yoga demonstrations! And all the stories had a clear point and moral meaning despite being swathed in myths. The cliff-hangers in the stories had us all on the edge of our seats, particularly the story of the rich youth. Again, the only way to find out is to see the show!


The show is a  fresh, bold concept, that deserves our full attention for its entertaining originality.


Modicum Theatre is a production company worth keeping an eye on!


A perfect show for a relaxing night embellished with bedtime stories. Go see it, appreciate local humour, and support our local talent.

Four Tall Tales out of Five.


Tickets are still available for shows January 22-24!


Words by Emma Forsyth.

Image courtesy of Fringe World.

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