By Christine Chen


Overwhelmed by the flurry of profile photo changes last night? Pelican has got you covered.

Meet the five candidates who will be vying for your heart…oh, and the 2021 Guild Presidency.


Emma Mezger

Emma is STAR’s pick for Guild President, pledging to revitalise the ‘dead-spots’ on UWA’s campus.

She has assured Pelican that she definitely did not photoshop her head onto Jason Momoa’s body.

Emma’s fact about herself is: “I have travelled through 5 countries in 7 days without money, food or a phone.”

Rose Scott

While she is the youngest of the Presidential candidates, Rose draws leadership experience from her time as a UniHall Intercollege Representative and Committee Member on the Residential Students Department.

Rose’s fact about herself is: “I am not a Guild hack.”

David Hallam

David, the self-described ‘country boy’, heads the newly formed Spark party.

David’s fact about himself is: “I’m half Filipino!”


Esa Chrulew

Esa is a student activist whose interests range from “drinking tea” to “yelling at cops and liberals.”

As the only Arts student in the field, Esa believes in the power of collective action to fight fee hikes and funding cuts to higher education.

Instead of a fact, Esa offers the slogan of the Soixante-Huitards: “The power of the people is stronger than the people in power!” (May 1968)


Viknash VM

Viknash is the current ISD President and will be Global’s first Presidential candidate. He emphasises the importance of accountability and keeping promises.

Viknash’s fact about himself is: “I can’t watch people touch their eyes. I literally flinch when people do it!”

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