Image Description: The words “O-Day” appear front and centre, positioned in front of a small cartoon globe, displaying UWA O-Day festivities. On top is Winthrop Hall, with a food truck and stalls on the side of it. On the bottom of the globe is the statue of Eliza in the Swan River. The rightside contains information of the event, being: 21st of Feburary, 11am to 3pm, and the left side has the UWA Student Guild Logo.


By Courtney Withers


The commencement of uni will soon be upon us and so will the phenomenal O-Day at UWA.

For those who haven’t been to an O-Day before, it’s basically a day where you can wander around and have a look at different stalls, which represent the various clubs and societies at UWA.

These stalls will include Guild Clubs, Faculty Societies, sporting groups and other community groups, which will all provide information to students about how to become involved and explain various opportunities around the campus and beyond.

The day itself is a great way for new students to learn about different clubs and societies and sign up to become members, oh, and you can also pat an alpaca — so that’s fun!

There are also activities and fun games, as well as prizes and places to get food. The UWA Student Guild hosts this event every year and this year it will be held on February 21st, from 11am-3pm.

O-Day will feature over 220 different stalls on James Oval, and yes, there will be a Pelican stall, so please come and say hi and grab your copy of the first edition for 2020, Arrive’!

Whether you’re a fresher looking to join a club in your first year, or are a third-year student looking to try something new, O-Day is the place for you.

UWA Guild President, Bre Shanahan, is excited about the day and encourages students to come down to check out what O-Day has to offer.

“O-Day is a must-attend for all new (and even returning) students,” Bre said.

“We’re putting on a bunch of prizes, freebies and food, so make sure you get down to James Oval to say hi at the Guild tent.”

Bre then went on to explain why O-Day has such a big tradition at UWA and outlined what exciting things are coming up in 2020.

“O-Day is really what UWA is all about – getting involved beyond the classroom in whatever you’re passionate about,” Bre said.

“We’ve got everything from medieval sword fighting to fitness and nutrition, fashion and beauty and everything in between. Your uni experience is more than your degree, so make sure you take a look at everything we’ve got to offer.”

“O-Day is just the beginning of what is shaping up to be an excellent year, with a new IGA on campus, the introduction of exciting mobility initiatives, and a four weeks of pop-up activations starting on Monday.”


Hopefully this article has convinced you enough to head down to O-Day this year!


Courtney may or may not have written this article to promote the first edition of Pelican.


Picture courtesy of UWA Student Guild.