With another year brings the same stress of parking at UWA. Your situation is, however, about to become much more difficult. If you found Christmas shopping parking a nightmare, then UWA has news for you.


UWA has just announced that student parking permits will be removed, and pay-as-you-go parking will be introduced campus wide-in 2020.


This new initiative will be introduced from semester two, and affects many students who have previously applied for student parking permits.


The website states that students can purchase semester one permits before April 24, but full year and semester two permits cannot be purchased in 2020.


After first semester of 2020, all student parking permits will be removed, which includes both red and yellow bays.


UWA’s student parking is already both difficult to apply for and tedious to have to organise.


The price of parking is extremely expensive, at $90 for one semester – if you are even able to get a parking spot when you get to campus.


UWA has already made carpooling permits unavailable, and is now targeting student parking permits – a tradition that has always existed at UWA.


As public transport is simply not viable for some students, the option for student parking permits have always been the most convenient option for those travelling a considerable distance.


This change will come as a shock to most students, and will greatly affect student transport and commute time to university.


UWA Guild President Bre Shanahan said that the Guild became aware of the changes to student parking yesterday, and are in conversation with the university.


“We have contacted the university, and they have committed to no price increases to student parking in 2020 or 2021.


“We will be meeting with university staff in the coming weeks to be informed of the extent of the proposed changes and to assess the impact on students,” Bre said.


She also stated that student feedback is welcome and should be addressed to [email protected].


UPDATE: An earlier version of this article stated that the UWA Guild is responsible for and announced the parking changes. This is incorrect; the university is responsible for and announced the parking changes.


Courtney Withers